GP vs GP

I paddled this morning with a buddy. After a few miles he wanted to swap paddles… we’re both using greenland paddles and we’re both new to them. We swap and I feel significantly more ‘bite’ using his paddle. The cadence goes way down. I say something about it and he says it’s probably the length. His paddle is about 3 inches longer.

I guess it would make sense. A longer gp has more surface area whereas a longer euro doesn’t change much.

Any of you other GP users notice a lot of difference in the cadence of a longer / shorter paddle?

Hi Rex
Yes, 3" can make a substantial difference. So can an increase in blade width or thickness. We’re about the same size and I paddle an 86" Superior or Lumpy with a 3 1/2" blade width.

That Changes My Thinking
I usually carry an upwind paddle and a downwind paddle. (larger and smaller surface areas). I was sorta clinging to my big-bladed euro as my downwind paddle. I guess that won’t be necessary!

There are many variations
in a greenland paddle that can give you whatever paddling characteristics you like. I personally enjoy a wider blade that gives me more bite for all of the paddle strokes I like to use. It also gives me a slower cadence which okay. One of the things I enjoy about the greenland paddle is that they are so inexpensive to make and try any variation you want. When my shoulder was giving more problems then I used a narrower blade.