GP with Kruger Dreamcatcher

Does anyone use a Greenland Paddle with a Kruger Dreamcather. I need some advice on paddle length.



not that i know of
i think some people may use one as a storm paddle. maybe try the watertribe group. i think the chief uses one in really rough water. most people use zaverals.

Not to my knowledge… Verlen designed that boat to sit a little higher( seat) than a sea kayak and to be used with a single blade due to the effieciency and comfort in the long haul over any double blade.

Maybe in huge seas you would want a double blade to brace etc.

Verlen still used a single blade when he paddled from florida to s. america even during a hurricane

Most long distance paddles can go indefinate with a single blade such as bob bradfords 18 days of paddle with one and covered 2341 miles on the missisissippi. From may paddling experience and with others, after about 25 hours im spent with a double.


kayak paddle with seawind
Dawn, if you read “Ultimate Canoe Challenge: 28,000 miles through North America” ( you will find that Steve Landick, Verlen’s partner, used a kayak paddle at least in rough conditions (rapids, surf) and it provided him with an advantage over Verlen who paddled with a single blade all time. However, they paddled Loons and/or Monarch - earlier, and, I guess, skinner, versions of Sea Wind or Dreamcatcher.

Before EC-2003 I trained a little bit with a kayak paddle in my Sea Wind but I ended up to paddle the entire race with a single blade paddle. Nevertheless, I am taking a kayak paddle for longer trips with my Sea Wind. I may even try how my wing paddle will work on Sea Wind on the next occasion.

I believe I don’t have any bias concerning a particular paddle type. I paddle my X-treme canoe with a wing paddle for almost entire Texas Water Safari. However, I prefer canoe paddle for my Sea Wind.

Sea Wind and DreamCatcher are same
hulls, just different decks.

Both are most efficiently paddled with a short (50" or less), bent shaft carbon paddle, but you can use anything you like!

A 14’ pole works well too. Either pol’n or padd’n. ;^)

Happy Paddl’n!



It seems may have failed you here Dawn.
I do not think that anyone answered your question of how long of a Greenland paddle might be best for a Dreamcatcher.

I occasionally use a 223 cm long Lendel with my Sea Wind (Remember it is the same hull, height off water, etc). I am a low double blade paddler which requires a longer shaft. I do not use it to paddle that much. Take it along mainly as an emergency paddle that also serves other functions like: reach stick, tarp pole, and such.

If you are a low paddler as well I would assume you need an even longer Greenland as they seems to get there purchase from the long blade being in the water which would seem to require a longer length.

If you are a high paddler I am not sure what length you will need. If you are sized correctly for another boat take a good look at how much of the blade is in the water in that boat and use info to size for Dreamcatcher.

BTW: How do you like the Greenland paddle with the Dreamcatcher? Please let us know. I have thought of messing around with a Greenland paddle as they look like they would be easy on the joints (have heredity shoulder impingement)and I hear are very economical to make/buy.