GPS Anti-theft

Hi all,

I am an intern at a nature center and have been tasked with creating a watercraft program for our canoes and kayaks.

In the past, we have had issues with our equipment being stolen. We are a small organization and we don’t always have staff on the property to watch the canoes and kayaks. While they are locked down, crafty thieves have found one way or another to get to them.

My question is, is there any sort of GPS tracking hardware that can be used in canoes and kayaks? Something fairly small that could be put under the stern seat. It would be preferable if each unit was $100 or less.


try this one

It’s not cheap; they are little battery operated transmitters.

none that I know of
There aren’t any that I know of. You not only need as GPS, but you need something that communicates (by cell phone or similar) where it is. And need a way to keep it charged.

Most places just permanently mark or sticker their boats, making it harder for a thief to clean the marking off so they could then sell the boat.

Thanks for the advice,
Yeah we actually put stickers on our boats, though it was after the thefts and the end of the paddle season last year and we haven’t had a chance to see if it dissuades theft. I guess I’m just pessimistic and think that this isn’t going to stop an enterprising criminal. If you say that this is pretty typical policy and seems to work, then perhaps I will just have to wait and see.

As for the above post, looks like a great product, though the monthly fee poses a problem. I could justify the original purchase, but an ongoing payment but be harder to convince my supervisor of, no matter how small.

not GPS tracking, but
how about giving the boats a unique paint job or just stenciling your organization’s name and phone number in large characters with strong color contrast to hull? Also in smaller, hidden location. Have pictures on file for each so if one does go astray you can share with local cops and community. Might help on insurance claim if not recovered.

Several options
These kind of phone tracking device things are becoming more popular. Several options:

Good point about the insurance claim.

Was it on this site in the past year
that told of a vendor (?) who had began placing gps chips in/on their boats? It seems I read about that somewhere.

One could also use an item to mark or etch their names into the metal or on plastic surface and make note of that should they come up missing.

My sister has 3 daughter and two DIL’s, At times they have a ‘baking day’ whereby some of her cookie sheets and cake pans come up missing. Of course many of them look the same, so she has starting etching her initials onto the sides or bottom of her pans and has told the girls that should they come up missing, she’ll be calling to have them check their cabinets. Yup! Last Christmas two of the gals each had one of mom’s pans and she ended up with one of the others. Works for them.

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