GPS Battery Mounting?

OK, so I’ve got my GPS, transducer and battery. I know where I want to mount the GPS and transducer, but I’m not sure how to secure the battery. I want the battery inside my kayak (not on the deck) - do any of you guys have any suggestions? How will I keep it from sliding around in rough seas? Should I mount some kind if box inside my kayak and then put the battery in there? I have a Wilderness System Tarpon 140.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


and what’s the size and weight of …
… your batt. ??

Battery Size
It’s a 12v 9A battery and probably weighs 5+ lbs. It’s 6" wide x 2.3" deep x 4.5" tall. It’s this one:

I’m trying to figure out how to secure it so it doesn’t slide around.

Check out
The forums there have a million suggestions for rigging devices to your kayak.

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