GPS Cameras

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My Garmin GPS 60series has died. Upgrading soon. Looking at the 62 series. A couple models have a built in camera. Anyone ever use the camera feature on a Garmin GPS. Worth the extra coin, or a waste of money?


Geo-Tagging photos

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Unless you are posting to a site that uses the
GPS data associated with the pictures, why bother ?

Google already took over Picassa and Panoramio
so pics show up in Google Earth layers.

WebShots got bought out by Smile
- causing many photographers a lot of grief and pain

Some people love Flickr, others not so much

Yes but…
The biggest advantage I’ve found is the camera is always ready and each photo can be navigated to - every time you take a picture you create a waypoint.

I haven’t seen a GPSr with a better than fair quality camera though, so if you’re looking for high quality shots you may be disappointed.

There are some good, waterproof cameras with gps tagging for under $300 available some will even log your track.

I use a Garmin Montana for navigation and the Birdseye imagery (most valuable function for me.) I also carry a Pentax WG3 for pics while on the trail. In hindsight I wish I had purchased the Montana model w/o the camera and applied the money towards the Pentax.

We upload some of our trips to Everytrail and the convenience of tagged pictures pays off. Also worth noting if you come across something on the water/trail you may want to report to authorities the tagged picture is helpful.

So…if you want a basic camera and the convenience of not carrying/charging another unit sounds good to you I would say go for it. Should you want better than fair quality and zoom ability (Garmin zoom leaves a lot to be desired) then save the money.

Here is one of our trips with pictures taken by a Garmin Oregon, they work well for this but should you want to enlarge them you will be disappointed.

The Pentax is new and I don’t have anything public to post as an example but I will say I’m very happy with it so far.

Hope that helps…