GPS coords for Okefenokee platforms?

Anyone have gps coords for the camping platforms in the Okefenokee NWR that they would be willing to share? In particular, looking for Canal Run, Cedar Hammock, and Monkey Lake.


Try posting your question on the WATERTRIBE forum.

A lot of the guys on WT are very knowledgable about that area.

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Once upon a time
I use to have several of the platforms GPS locations but quickly found out I never used them because the trails have color coded mile markers that let you know where you are at using the maps that the Park provides.

About your locations, I have been to Canal Run and Monkey Lake several years ago. I don’t know if the shelters have been rebuilt after the big fire out there. Canal Run is pretty much a 10 mile long straight paddle down the canal with not much to see on either side most of the way. If the shelter hasn’t been rebuilt it is big enough to hold three tents, or maybe four small tents. I think you can still have a campfire there but there isn’t much good burning wood to find around it. If they still allow campfires I would carry in a couple of the fireplace logs to use.

The paddle out to Monkey Lake is nice and the old shelter is large enough to hold six tents. There is no view from the shelter as it is surrounded by trees/brush. Very hot and buggy in the summer but it does provide a good wind block during bad weather. I haven’t been to Cedar Hammock yet but I will soon. It is a very short paddle from the East entrance and the pictures I have seen of it looks like a nice platform.

If it is not too late for you to change locations I would swap Canal Run for Round Top. Round Top by far has the best view all around it. The platform can hold six tents and was in good shape last time I was out there. Trust me you will like it.

Another favorite of mine especially if you like to fish is Bluff Lake. Nice big platform with a good view and three good sized lakes nearby to fish in.

Try an overlay of the interactive map with a trails map…0…1.1.64.img…18.15.1241.hgdV2i2I2vU#tbm=isch&q=gps+coordinates+okefenokee+swamp+trails++map

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Never had to use a GPS in the Oke.

Wikipedia has coordinates

The coords are in decimal degrees. Several on-line converters are available if another format is needed.


types … professionals…private jet pilots eg … clam the 3 stage coordinate is accurate, decimal degrees not.

The claim is supported with an array of awkward converters.

TGIF the Garmin self converts…sez ut does. Comment ?