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My Garmin E-Trex Legend died after 9 years. I want to replace it with another Garmin and am leaning to the 76CSx. Now I see a 78 series. Does anyone know anything on the 78sc ? I seldom paddle offshore and often use this my GPS offroad when Jeep riding.

Greg Hester

saw briefly

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I saw the Garmin's briefly at Outdoor retailer last week. The main update of the 78 over the 76 that I caught was that it included the nautical charts for the entire US in it (before you had to buy them at $100 a region).

If you are not going to coastal areas, you may want to consider the 62, which is the update of the 60. This includes the Topo maps for the entire US, which is better in many cases for paddlers than nautical charts (nautical charts focus on channels and things of interest to boats that have deep drafts, where we skim over shallow waters with ease). Topo is much more useful for Jeeping...

76 vs 78
The 78 series is the upgrade of the 76 series. Some of the improvements are a triaxail compass, custom map support, addition of 1.7 gigs of internal memory, additional route capacity, ability to share waypoints with compatible units and a paperless geocaching feature.

The 76CSX is still an outstanding unit and it (and its sister unit the 60CSX) have been heavily discounted by many retailers since the 78 and 62 series were introduced.

So unless the upgraded features of the 78 appeal to you, the 76CSX would be an outstanding choice, particularly because some retailers have been selling it for nearly half of what it went for 2 months ago.

Also, being a brand new unit the 78 might be buggy and it could take a few firmware releases before it reaches the reliability level of the 76CSX.

"If you are not going to coastal areas, you may want to consider the 62, which is the update of the 60. This includes the Topo maps for the entire US…"

The 62ST comes with topo maps. The 62 and 62S do not, so you would have to install them on your own. There are some good free ones available these days.

Go To… and ask on their forum page.

These are the people who really know their GPS’s

It will be the same as here ,some will be a little bias toward their own favorite model.

A Garman Oregon is perfect for what you needs are.


It’s worth a try.



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Even with the charts already on the 78, I would certainly want a guarantee that you don't have to pay extra to actually use them.

I have the 76csx and couldn't believe how much they gouged people to use anything to do with charts
I still use their product but it sure seems like one of the greediest companies I have ever done business with.

Same if you want to use their cities maps. You buy it but then they charge to actually "Unlock" it in sections.

Fortunately I returned it unopened. They may have got me on the charts but damned if they will get me again with that unlock crap.

Guess you might say I don't trust them, whatever you buy you'll want to make mighty sure you can use it with no hidden fees...something they seem to specialize in.

...ok..I guess that was a bit of a rant.......

how about fixing it
It might be a great backup. Garmin used to have a good fix it policy and they saved your waypoints and updated the software. Might be worth a try to send it to them or at least call them.

Fixing a old unit could cost nearly as much as buying a similar, but improved model new and more than finding a used version of the dead unit.

There are a few things that the owner of a dead GPS can try. Gently bend out the battery contacts to make sure they are still in firm contact with the batteries.

Do a hard reset. (google Hard reset and your model name and you should find the process).

If all fails, give the unit a few good whacks.

Thanks for all of the reply’s. I just bought a GPSMAP78S. The salesman threw in a bunch on free stuff including TOPO’s of the areas we travel in.