GPS Fish Finder for Lakes & Ocean

I will be purchasing a new Hobie Pro Angler 14 360 early next year. I would like some assistance with which High End Fish Finder - High def, down & side scan etc… I have done my homework online, however the best reviews are from real users which they think is really worth the money. I have around 3K to drop max any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays to you all.

I don’t know about the GPS fish finder but I am real curious to hear a report after you’ve had that new 360 drive out for some test runs. Curious after a year of use also. Looks awesome.

Should check in with your local kayak fishing board(s). Tons of experience from dedicated kayak fishing folks, and even more opinions…

From my view point, 3k is going to buy you a heck of lot of fishfinder/GPS, maybe more than you need for most inshore situations.

I use a Raymarine Dragonfly on one kayak and Garmin Stiker on another. I am not touting either to you, tho’ I prefer the Dragonfly just because the bigger screen works better for my failing eyesight. Both help to find structure that fish congregate at, which is all I am looking for.