GPS for Rivers and Lakes

Does anyone have a suggestions on a GPS that has maps for rivers and lakes. If possible I would like one that I could also use in a vehicle. Also water resistance would be nice. I am looking to do some trips on a river and thought it may be nice to have a GPS to help determine location as well as speed, distance etc. I am just now starting my research but thought someone may have suggestions on models that work for them.



Lot of choices out there
Most handhelds will do the job well, but none of them will come with maps of rivers, etc. Regardless, software is available for all of them to allow you to download more detailed maps that provide detils of rivers and more. Many also come with a mounting bracket for your car, but don’t leave it there…lot of cars being broken into just for the GPS.

I have an Magellan eXplorist 210 which is pretty basic but, for the money, has a lot of memory space for detail maps to download into it. In fact I know where you can get another just like it for free…somewhere on this site I left the location…


is the standard answer here.

60CSX or 76CSx


…GPSmap 76CSX.


Garmin eTrex

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I bought a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx with the Topo map and it does everything you mentioned (you will need the City Navigator for detailed street maps). I am very happy with the unit after using it for over a month. I also have used it for trail bike riding.

for all the info. I will start looking at these models.

Garmin GPSMap 76Cx
This unit does not have the sensor for altimeter / barometer like the 76CSx. For me it works great in the outdoors and great in the car (although it does not talk to you ;-)). I did buy the City Navigator and topo software separately. It’s memory is a microSD card, up to 2GB. It’s a bit bigger than the etrex or 60Cx but that’s not a big deal to me. Have fun.


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All of the units mentioned are great for use on the water and off. I would recommend purchasing one of the lake map software cd's so you can get detailed information with the water way you are on. The base map on all these units mentioned is good but you may find times where the unit shows you paddling on the shore due to the lack of detail esecially in narrow water ways.