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I have a question regarding GPS units - does anyone know which models ( handheld ) can track mileage? I would like to know how far along I’ve traveled on a river, or far I’ve gone across a lake - (perhaps back and forth) total distance.

Any one of them
Any GOS should have a oddomoeter that can be reset to zero easily. It would be nice to have multiple settings to keep track of accumulated paddling time, walking or cycling. They are quite accurate and measure speed, avg speed, top speed and ETA at current speed.

How Much!
There are a lot to chose from. How much are you planning on spending? You can get a basic Etrek for under $100 that will do what you’re looking for. That’s what I use on the river, and it works great.

Here’s an example
of one screen of data displayed on a Garmin Etrex Legend. A great unit for the price. If you don’t mind spending a little more, it is also available with a color screen. The color screen version also has improved electronics for better battery life.

The Legend in the picture is good for about 6-8 hours on a pair on alkaline AA batteries.

Ive had good luck with the garmin foretrex 101 its fits on your wrist but I just put it on the deck <br /> I dont like to workout with out it

you can set it to show average speed ,speed and distance and more

Now the new ones have a heart moniter on them

Etrex legend
Works well for me. Will stop time when you stop for breaks. Will give you Trip average speed and/or moving average speed, peak speed and has basic roads in software. Base models will miss much of the above. And, yes, I think all will give total miles paddled (4 miles out and 4 miles back = 8 miles, even if you backtrack your course.)

I have the Lowrance H2O and it is loaded with features, waterproof, a nice large screen, basic maps in the hardware and more detailed maps can be loaded onto a SD card. The price was friendly also.

My one complaint: The Lowrance is not as intuitive (user friendly) as the Garmin or Magellan I have used.

Lowrance has been a favorite amoung fishermen.

Whichever brand and model you like, try one before purchasing.

GPS Info Site

– Last Updated: Feb-22-06 7:53 PM EST – has loads of info and reviews.

go to Geo… lots of GPS info…

Garmin GPS Map76
Unbelievable price on the Garmin GPS Map76 at Only $179.99 with free shipping. This is a highly recommended GPS.

I vote Garmen E-Trex “Legend”