GPS, just for the water, basic one :)

You don’t have to be a “Shrink” to give sound advice. I’ve had an E-Trex Legend for years. Been dunked in both salt and fresh water, no problems. Loop it to deck bungies or around twarts with lanyard. Had the cover tear on the joystick once. Garmin swapped it out for $ less than a week.

Not a shrink
Just a crazy paddler. I have a Garmin 76CS and wish that I was 1/2 as smart as it is.


Garmin GPS Map76CSx for $300 on this
site. It is one of those ads that pops in and out. Found it twice, but could not find it just now.



You can try…

I have to admit.

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Some of the options people are presenting look pretty appealing. Ebay deals on older models for example. While I made the argument for a Foretrex, maps on the GPS display would be nice. I got the Foretrex new from a seller on Amazon for $95 after shipping. I figured I needed a low entry $ to make the leap. Hard to pick the best model without ever having used a GPS at all. I could probably sell the Foretrex for $50, or keep it for strictly training where navigation isn’t required, or give it to my daughter.

Map 76csx would be appealing for $300, too, if you could see enough land mass detail on the maps that come with the unit. Maybe you can, I don’t know. I’ve been meaning to take a look at that. For example if I could see all the little islands and points on the lower Columbia river. I would have all the shallow water areas and tides and currents memorized anyway, and on the paper chart. But it would be nice to see the location dot on the display relative to land masses (without haveing to estimate it on the paper chart from the GPS lat/lon.) That would tell me for sure where I’m located. You can get lost out there among the multiple, small, close spaced islands, with multiple water ways between them

If you have to have a Blue chart for ocean, and a topo for inland water, and a city maps for roads, now you’re up to $600 +. I might actually take the city roads over the Blue, as I would have my paper charts with a lot of the detail that's on the Blue.


To clarify…
the Garmin 72 does not do mapping. It is a basic “blank map” unit. It only shows your tracklog and any waypoints you have entered.

The Garmin 76c will accept the Garmin “BlueChart” nautical cartography, as well as “U S Recreational Lakes” - and, of course, “Mapsource Topo”. Memory capacity on the 76c is 115 megs. But the 76c doesn’t give tides info, unless you load “Bluechart”. The GPSMap 76, OTOH, has tide info built-in. But the 76 only holds 8 megs of map data.

The Garmin GPSMap 76 with it’s B&W screen will do the job of mapping and charting, but I find the color screens much easier to view.

Couple other points…

Electronic compasses and barometric devices are battery suckers. One should always carry a conventional compass anyway as a backup. For some reason, Garmin lists the battery life on the color screen models as about 50% more than the B&W models - and I find that to prove out in the models I have had. I think it’s just because they are more up-to-date technology.

I have been using Mapsource Topo on my 76c, and find the detail to be pretty good. You can adjust the detail somewhat in the settings, and you can also zoom in and out on the maps. So far, from what I’ve seen locally, all the significant islands seem to show up on Topo maps - but I am lead to understand that Rec. Lakes and BlueChart are better for that.

All of the Garmin mapping units come with a basemap that is only marginally useful. Map programs with the detailed data (which you will want - trust me) run about $116 for the CD versions that cover the US - but can be found for considerably less on ebay (only buy new in factory package to be safe).

just to repeat
iFinder lasts 48 hours on fresh batteries.

for $300.00? Please don’t play with my
… feelings, I feel “vulnerable” righ now… LOL.

$329.9999999999999999999999999999… Is the cheapest I have found it, How can get it lower? hmm? hmmmm?


Maybe so - but…
…from an online test report at

…“The Ifinder battery door is NOT waterproof and the electronics compartment is not sealed from the battery compartment as was the GM-100. However, an “aquabag” comes with iFinder and we recommend using it to keep water from harming the device.”…


…“The iFinder is rated IPX2 which means rain resistant. It is not waterproof and will leak if submerged. Note: The unit is NOT gasketed or sealed so it should be flushed and dried out immediately if the unit is submersed…”

The Garmin units discussed above are all gasketed and “dunkable”.

It was popping up here on
boards. I ran into it on the canoe classifieds board. It was an “Ads by Google” pop up ad. If you can not find it ask Brent.



My unit came with gaskets on battery doors. It is also waterproof - I field tested it :wink:

Thanks for the tip - I will have to open the unit and apply silicon sealant to seal the battery compartment.

Garmin Etrex
You can get one for under $150. Work great.

Great info Steve, thanks
I am diggesting all this information :slight_smile:

iFINDER, I am checking theM out too…,av=1441-5690177,ptnrid=169,ptnrdata=18767501,SortBy=PRICE,Order=A

Look at all these beauties :)… and the prices are about where I want them (Max $170, maybe 160). I wished the had a table to compare them

:slight_smile: I know, I was just kidding

Found one for $314 going through NexTag
comparison. Best price shows here:

But still not $300 I just saw on pop ad by Google. Maybe Brent can pull off an id for us.



Where in Ebay!..
First of all, I don’t like Ebay… I feel like I have a note on back saying “Go ahead, Rip me off please!” :slight_smile:

But seriously, is there a place (link?) you can recommend in Ebay to go and check it out?

…“My unit came with gaskets on battery doors. It is also waterproof - I field tested it ;)”

Maybe they improved on the i-finder between that report and your purchase. Thanks for your comment - it’s good to know!


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..."I don't like Ebay... I feel like I have a note on back saying "Go ahead, Rip me off please!" :)

But seriously, is there a place (link?) you can recommend in Ebay to go and check it out?"

The art of not getting ripped-off on ebay could fill another thread! To make it short and attention to feedback, set your limit and stick to it, back away from anything questionable, and have patience. Used units come from individuals at odd times, so none to point out as a general recommendation - except to steer clear of ebay pawn-shops.

This looks like a good deal, however...Do a search on ebay for item number 110150253116. I normally shy away from refurb electronics, but I've had good service and no problems from a unit such as this one, which was refurbed *by* Garmin with Garmin warranty.

Bluechart U.S. version covers coastal and inland waterways. Topo only gives land details. Topo will show significant islands, but not water depths.

All the basemaps I’ve looked at (without Bluechart, Topo, or Streets loaded in, IOW - just what the unit comes with) show only major water bodies (and not very accurately, at that) and major highways.