GPS, just for the water, basic one :)

Yes folks, the classic question, to gps or not! :slight_smile:

Lets put it this way, I just bought the Garmin Nuvi 660 (All you can possibly want for you car and more), that should tell you how much I love these gadgets. I even took it in my kayak this weekend in its waterproof plastic bag and it worked it survived but I was sick all the time thinking I might ruin it it water got in it, so I decided… c’mon let’s just get a basic one just for the water. One that FLOATS (requirement).

I heard all about the Garmin 76CSx and I love it, but I am not ready to pay $329.00 (the cheapest I have found it for) for a second GPS!.. No, I am not that crazy!

But I do would like a unit that gave me the basic information now, (distance, speed, max this or that and the averages + locaton of course) and perhaps a little more when I start doing some short trips on the ocean.

Although I am beginner kayaker, I do aspire to do a little sea kayaking next year or so (small short trips most likely), around my area MD, VA




iFinder GO2

Things to notice - 48hours on fresh batteries.

Go2 too expensive? - Go is cheaper.

Shortcomings - can not download from it, can not download maps to it ( last I checked)

Garmin GPS 72
I have a GPS 72 which I paid $110 new.

I read a lot of good reviews for it before I purchased mine but I’ve been having problems with it dropping the signal and skewing the trip mileage up to several hundred miles and increasing average and top speeds up to 60 mph. After 6 emails to Garmin support and always getting a reply from them with a question which I already answered in one of the previous emails, they told me the unit was defective but didn’t tell me how to get it replaced and didn’t respond to my emails after they told me this. The dealer says it’s up to Garmin to replace it but after 40 days, I still haven’t heard back from Garmin. Even if they had the best GPS units in the world, I won’t buy another Garmin because of their customer service.

Garmin eTrex Legend
Cheap, accurate, waterproof, PC compatible for uploading and downloading. Around $125 I think. mine has been great for 2 years with lots of water time on it.

Thank you, I am reading your feedback
Thank you friends,

Yours sound good, the price at least is where I want it. I will read the details.

I am reading other’s feedback as well.

Sorry to hear that…
It’s a shame when a company just brushes you off like that. But this doesn’t make sense thought… Have you tried calling them?.. Sometimes email does not do the job. Garmin has been around for years in a competitive market, they must be doing something right.

I would susggest contacting someone at company and let them know you have people like us paying attention to the outcome… It might help.

Good luck

Map and compass.
If I remeber my history correctly the Vikings ,Columbus, Magellan, and quite a few others sailed a lot of ocean with less.

LOL - Hmmm I wonder…
… what they did to protect themselves from UV rays… LOL.

That is because they had guts, ambition, drive, sense of adventure, courage. :slight_smile:

And no access to GPS technology
"That is because they had guts, ambition, drive, sense of adventure, courage. :)"

Garmin Foretrex 101
That’s if you can do without charts on the GPS. Great trainer.

I would include an Aquapac micro cell phone case for water tightness and ease of tethering. Can’t remember if the Foretrex floats alone. It should in the Aquapac.

Regarding navigation. If you carry paper charts with Lat/Lon grid lines at one minute spacing, and knowing that one minute latitude is equal to one nautical mile, you can use your GPS readout to estimate your position on the chart to within about +/- 0.1 NM.

You can also program in waypoints and set up routes. And of course you can and should plot your routes on your paper chart.

Money aside, Map 76csx, no doubt. Money considered, for entry into the GPS world, I like the Foretrex 101 and paper charts (which should be carried anyway.) Beginning ocean goers can use the money saved to buy a VHF radio. That’s my strategy.


P.S. I still carry a compas.

For about $225 or less on ebay…
…you can get a used Garmin 76c. It has a color screen, will accept topo maps and nautical charts (with the most memory you can get in a non-expandable model), is waterproof, easy to read and operate, and easy on batteries.

If you take care who you trade with on ebay, it’s easy to get a good unit that will last. Outdoor personal GPSrs tend to be very durable, and if not overly abused should give even a second-hand user good service. I’ve been through several used units bought on ebay (I keep upgrading) and have yet to have one fail. I’ve had no reason to test Garmin’s service as of yet - but they have an excellent reputation for service among the Geocaching community (no-one uses their GPsrs more than them). The biggest bang for the buck, IMO, is a used Garmin 76c.

BTW - I am not easy on GPS units. I put them through all sorts of hard times, including mounted to the handlebar of my trail bike in all sorts of bad weather - and I have yet to see one fail (all Garmin units, though others might do as well). I still carry map & compass, but almost never have to get them out. The GPS is just much quicker, in most cases - steep canyons and heavy tree cover being possible exceptions (inhibits reception).

Oh - and for even less…
…I recently bought a Garmin GPSMap 76 for $100. I also does mapping and charting, but has a B&W screen. Also less memory than the color 76c, but just like it in every other way.

And if you only need the most basic features, one can often find the Garmin 72 or basic 76 (no map) for $50-$75.

The Etrex series Garmins are good too, and smaller in size - but can be a bit difficult to operate with cold, or gloved hands, compared to the 72, 76 and 76c.


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I have a Garmin GPSMAP 76S, it works well and has the all the same features of the 76 series's but its "Blue Chart" Compatible and has 24mb of memory.It also has the digital compass and Barometer. List is $250 I paid $160 for a "refurbished" one with a 2 year warranty on ebay. First time out It took a swim with me. So far so good...

Here is a review that I read about it...

Doesn’t any body like Magellans?
I have a Sportrak Map. I’ve used it for quite a while. Took a dunkin’ with me last year, still works great. It was advertised as waterproof when I bought it, but you never know for sure until.

You’ll hate yourself

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if you don't buy a Garmin.
Make you life easy.
Go ahead and buy the Garmin and quit fooling around. I've done the same with other things and then been mad at my self for taking a short cut.
You already have a Garmin, both are similiar and you really want another Garmin so just DO IT! and you'll sleep better.

...and happy paddlin'.

…saved to buy a VHF radio.
Oh NO!.. and now you have to mentioned that! LOL.

That will be my next advise request. I need to get one too… and I hope it won’t be as difficult as choosing a GPS.

My Gosh, you must be a shrink! :slight_smile:

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if you don't buy a Garmin.
Make you life easy.
Go ahead and buy the Garmin and quit fooling around. I've done the same with other things and then been mad at my self for taking a short cut.
You already have a Garmin, both are similiar and you really want another Garmin so just DO IT! and you'll sleep better.

...and happy paddlin'.

But yes, the more I read about MARINE GPS units, memory, maps, etc... the more I lean toward the 76CSx... (did I mention I can get it for $330.00?)

So, this is the situation so far: it's either a very inexpensive unit like the Etrex Leyend or the GPS 72 as some of the guys have recomended.

i guess the key word is MAP and expandability...

Just one question guys, out of these two (Etrex Leyend and GPS 72) WHICH is more suitable for kayaking.... even though the price is almost the same for both, there mus be differences or not?

Please enlight me and many others I am sure.

i do
magellon 200–I’ve had it for three years works fine and I’ve never been lost

Great info, thanks
Well, you all have given plenty of choices!.. now the question is to decide which. I get the feeling the GPSMAP 76 is the one, for about $160.00, beyond that point… I would simply go to the 76CSX… for #329.00.

This unit is after id all $170 less, a substancial amount to get my VHF radio.

Do you know if this unit comes already with Nautical maps or anything like that?

Of course
here’s another perspective :

Understand that I have two GPS’s, both Garmins, an older E-Trex Legend, and a new GPSMap 60.