GPS mapper for kayaking

Hello all, new here but I have a question. We’re looking for something to use that’s similar to Map My Run but doesn’t use the cell phone. It’s a great app for walking or running but it kills the phone battery if you’re out on a 5 or 7 hour kayak trip. Does anyone know of a separate device that’s under $30 or $40 that will track time and distance as well as provide a map like Map My Run or will upload the info to either a cell phone or, preferably, at website?

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– Last Updated: Jul-24-14 7:48 AM EST –

No way. You are talking about a sophisticated electronic device, a GPS. The best you will do for $50 is to use your smartphone and supplement it's battery with something like a Goal Zero Guide 10 powerpack. This unit will double your phone's battery life. If you're careful about battery use (shut off everything else- no music or phone calls) you should get 8 or 9 hours out of an iPhone running a GPS tracking App like MotionX or Endomondo. Both apps are free and work great to track kayak trips.

edit: there are other units out there for smart phones that double battery life but in general they are quite a bit more money than your stated budget.