GPS mount on kayak

I have not found a satisfactory way to mount my GPS on my kayak thus I am looking for suggestions on how others have worked it out.


Factory base
I use the Garmin base that came with mine and velcro it down.

I built one
For a SINK out of wood.

Someone else here made a good one out of mini cell foam.

Maybe this with vecro??

Minicell, here’s one…
Clips to lines…

not sure why you would want to mount
a GPS. I assume that would expose it to the elements? I purchased one of the small drybags that has a clip on it. I just put my gps in the bag, wrap it up and hook the clip to my bungie deck lines. That allows it to sit right in front of me. Stays nice & dry and is attached to boat so it wont get wet or lost. my bag is similar to this product

JackL’s Idea
Thanks Jack.