GPS mount query

I know there is some debate about the usefulness and reliability of GPS for kayakers, so this question is directed at those who actually use them.

I like to be able to see my GPS at all times, but I haven’t seen any mounts which look secure enough, including my own improvised affair (I keep my unit in a open front soft case and tie the case to the deck bungees).

But this solution looks very well-thought out. Any experience/comments? Does anyone know if such units are available as an after market kit?

Check out mine which a lot of paddlers
here have copied to a degree.



A piece of high density foam cut as shown.- drill a 5/8 inch hole near the base as shown, and then glue a piece ov CPVC pipe in as shown.

Make up a bungee with hooks on each end to fit your kayak(hook to your side deck lines).

The bungee materials (and Hooks) can be purchased at West Marine. Make sure you feed one un made end through the tube before making the other end.

Glue a piece of velcro to the face of the high density foam wedge, and the matching velcro to the back of a clear soft plastic GPS case.

I use the teather on the pouch to attach it to one of my cross deck bungees, just in case.

I have used this same one for many years now and it now holds a Garmin Map 76 instead of the little yellow etrex.



Thanks Jack
Mine works great.

I liked the look of this set up
For a waterproof GPS, this is a nice, simple set up:



I copied Jack
On my surf ski…

and a different one on my Artisan…


I copied Jack’s…
and it works great… cheap too…

gps mount
I have the Garmin Map76Csx and have used the automotive dash mount for 2 years. I used the semipermanent adhesive pad and then clip a safety line onto the deck line. The mount is easily adjustable, slips in and out easily with a secure locking mechanism. The bracket on the handheld also fits into the beanbag mounts i use for the car Garmen Nuvi and a bicycle handlebar mount.

Check out your antennae type first
Some GPS units work best in a horizontal position, some in a vertical position. I can’t remember the specific names of the type of anntenae (I know I botched that spelling) but I recently did some research on that.

I know the Delorme PN-40 works much better in a horizontal position and a specific Garmin worked best in a vertical position. By best, I mean spatial accuracy. Significant differences if not in the optimal orientation.

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Another kayak dashboard possibility
I used Jack’s design all of last year and loved it.

Here is another idea, too: - much uglier but lets the wind through. Also you can bungee any number of items with or without drybags.

It’s made of a “milk crate”-type mini filing box called “File crate Jr.” or something like that I got at KMart. I cut out two adjacent sides (with their adjoining corner) using a hacksaw, and wrapped some cording around the footings to pad them.