GPS Mounting and other help needed!

I just recently purchased a Garmin Vista GPS and needed a few opinions. How have you mounted your GPS (if at all) to your kayak? Is there a way to do it without drilling into the boat? Also, I am looking at the different programs offered and was wondering what you liked. I need a map that covers the coastal areas of the east coast. The bluecharts are really expensive and have a ton of detail. I was looking at the simple Topo map and it looked ok. What do you use for paddling along the coast? Thanks!


Here is how I mounted mine and my …


Use a piece of closed celled foam

  • Cut it into a wedge, (cuts perfect on a band saw)
  • Drill a 1/2" hole in it, and glue a piece of 1/2 Pvc pipe in the hole, (prevents the bungee from cutting into the foam)
  • make up a bungee with hooks to fit each end end sized to hook into the lines on the side of your yak, (the materials for can be bought at West Marine or Boaters world in kits)
  • Get a clear soft waterproof pliable pouch that fits your GPS, and glue a piece of velcro to the back of it.
  • glue the matching piece to the face of the wedge.

    I cut off the plastic safety catches on the bungee hooks and then smooth the stub with sand paper, (they are a pain)

    You can make it much simpler, but I wanted it professional looking and like to tinker.



Homemade GPS holder
Nice pic and easy instructions! Thanks for the post.

Clean, simple and cheap, Jackl !
…Just like us kayakers, except for the “clean” part…

I made a wooden one
that worked very well, but I like Jack’s design better.

Mapsource US Topo is just right and works flawlessly with you Garmin unit. It even has some navigational info for markers, buoys, etc.