GPS phones?

Can anyone recommend any of the GPS cell phones? I am eligible for a new cell phone in July, and my current phone needs replacing. I don’t need an iPhone or texting phone, but I’ve noticed some of the cell phones now offer “rugged” models with GPS and water resistance. I was thinking it might be a way to kill two birds with one stone since I don’t have a GPS unit and need a new phone anyway. However, I might be better off just getting the least expensive (eg, free) cell phone and buying a GPS separately.

Get the “free” phone and buy a GPS
Using the GPS on cell phones is charged by the minute…

Excellent point!

I know you said you don’t want an iPhone, but the GPS on it works very well and you don’t get charged cell phone minutes. I even have an app called Runkeeper that tracks distance, time and will map your route. I’ve used this for kayaking and running. My only concern is about getting the phone wet as it’s not “rugged” but a small dry box on the deck has kept it in good shape so far.

Here’s what the runkeeper output looks like.

That’s cool. Perhaps I’ll reconsider about the iPhone. My main reason for not wanting iPhone was adding more costs to our cell phone bill, which is already running $125/month. The iPhone data plan would add another $30/month, right? Plus, my daughter has already been bugging me for one, and I told her no, so she will be whining like crazy if I get one.

The data plan is another $30/month. It’s worth it to me, but certainly not to everyone.

If you don’t have to have the latest and greatest hardware Apple has just lowered the price of the iPhone 3G to $99 from $199.

new iphone 3gs
i have the newest iphone. it has both gps and compass. Placed in a waterproof case you can use it right through the case. It really is a computer.

the big advantage is I have all the marine water charts right on the phone as well. it allows me to locate myself state my position and make routes right on the iphone. well worth the money imo

Not really…
I have had a GPS phone (with true GPS, not a cell tower triangulation gimmic) and that of course does not even use the phone network. So no fees.

The GPS works great (just like any other GPS), except it drains the batteries quite fast - less than an hour on my phone even if the screen is off most of the time and the battery is dead…

But, for emergency use it is great, since my phone is with me anyway, having a good working GPS on it helps. Plus I have road maps and use it in the car when my wife takes posession of the car GPS…