GPS prices

I was wondering how much a Garmin eTrex should cost. Target has the basic yellow for $99, and the next grade up (sorry, forgot the name, but it’s discussed on line a lot here) on sale for $150. Is that okay?

REI has one for

Which one?

The yellow Etrex
is the bare-bones GPS with no trip computer or mapping capability . It sells all over for $99. Best Buy & Aldi’s both sold them on sale at various times for $49.

For what it’s worth, I highly recommend spending $150 and stepping up to an Etrex Legend.

Foretrex 101

Just something to consider, bohemia, that’s all.

The Legend
That’s it, thanks.

(Too bad the yellow one looks better)

The wrist-mounted
doesn’t say it’s waterproof. The others do.

I just purchased an eTrex Legend in brand new condition on eBay for about $70 including shipping. This is a great unit with mapping features and a good basemap built in. You can also fing the TOPO maps on eBay that can be loaded onto it for more detail. B&W display is not as nice as the color on other models, but for the price it can’t be beat!

Yes, it absolutely does say H2Oproof

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Au contrare, mon frere.

It absolutely is waterproof. Would a fellow IL kayaker suggest a GPS to you tha wasn't, bohemia? Please... have faith :)

Description: "Because the unit is waterproof, the Foretrex 101 is a natural companion on any water sport adventure, like kayaking, canoeing, boating, and sailing. In fact, this device even incorporates a sailboat-racing timer. Competitors can configure the countdown sequence prior to the start of the race and utilize their GPS location to be in the best possible tacking position when the race begins."

It also has trip waypoints and great basic mapping. It is not color, but remember, color will drain all batteries much quicker... some have posted about twice as fast, actually. This unit has it all, really. Quite impressive for it's price.

Scroll down, bohemia, and read the Amazon description. Read the 13 Amazon reviews... average review rating: 5/5! It is ideal for kayakers, it states very clearly in the description, is waterproof, and costs about $123 dollars (It's $130 at Target). If you hve your sites on another GPS, that is fine indeed; you're choice. The issue with every GPS, and mine is a $299 Marine GPS by Magellan, is that there is no good place to mount it in the boat. It i very hard to find a location where you can read the device, and push the buttons, and not have it fall in the drink. Many past pnet posts describing intricate minicelled and bungee methods to keep it on deck in the sightline. Some have even posted their complex machinations on how to mount a GPS using Webshots.

The Foretrex solves all these issues -- you can wear on wrist or mount on your existing shock cords, or even on a caribiner on your PFD. The 101 uses AAA batteries, and that is very convenient if you run out on a trip, just buy more... the Foretrex 201 (I think) has rechargeables, that another pnetter says is a real bitch when you run out of battery and have no charger. Here you;d just buy AAA rechargeables.

Even with my fancy Magellan Marine GPS, I am thinking about getting this one... comes up with great reviews in past GPS pnetter threads.

Just a consideration. Sounds like a winner for a guy who likes tidy and small packages (this baby weighs 2.6 ounces... you can even get the $18 bike mounting package -- don't know why you'd need it as you could just wear it on your wrist-- and it would be a bike cyclometer too), like your iPod. This seems to be precisely the same price and much more convenient than most GPSs.

PS: Maybe you can find it cheaper than; search the web. But see the Amazon listing that it has Free shipping and no sales tax! Try that at Target.

Paddle on, bohemia. And keep google mapping those favorite paddling spots.

GPS Reviews is a very good site for GPS info and reviews

google mapping
Can someone explain what google mapping my favorite spots is?

Is it a way of using Google Maps to get waypoints for my GPS?

Go look on EBay for your GPS

There are bargains to be had on Garmin and Magellan units. I was able to save almost $100 on my SportTrac Map over what it would have been in any store. You may be able to “upgrade” to a better unit without spending more.

Google mapping
Go to Click on the “more” tab at the top of the homepage… near the search box. On next page, upper right, click maps. Zero in on the part of the country you want (or could type in an address – try it with your home address_- in the search space at top). Find anyplace of interest… and see satellite image. Some areas of country show more detail than others… it is amazing. If you click “hybrid”, you see the roads mapped into the satellite! Very nice! Check out a local river. Try it out and write back what you think. Check out,. for instance, Chicago by Grant Park under Satellite… the detail is awe-inspiring.