GPS question

I am not sure if this belongs here, let me know if it doesn’t.

I just bought a used Garmin Etrex legend H, i haven’t received it yet but i had a question for anyone who might know.

Can i put topo maps on this so i can see the rivers better? This will be used for canoe trips. I use mobile atlas creator MOBAC for my phone offline maps, can the Garmin export option work with the legend H?

I took a quick look at the model you have coming. it looks like it can take maps as the picture of it showed maps on the screen. Get maps for free here

awesome, thanks

THE problems with a mapping GPS
is that the GPS is only as good as the maps the company buys.

And the maps sold cannot be guaranteed to be accurate.

Roads change and the updates never seem to be uploaded.

Rivers rise and fall and change path on a whim.

GPS can be a useful tool WHEN accompanied by a decent and current map but to rely only upon a GPS is dangerous.

My Fish-n-go map was out-of-date but far better than one couple who were navigating the Lower Colorado River by Google Earth on their mapping GPS.

They could not understand that Google Earth was neither accurate nor real-time.

I understand what you mean, I will be using this exclusively for medium sized rivers in South Georgia. I only really need a fairly good representation of the river. I have TOPO that is up to date on my phone, but this will be my “while paddling” device.

Would you say this unit will do well for this purpose?

Yes it is.
Even if it shows you 50’ off the river, you’ll still see your approximate location to the nearest road or bridge. You can also track yourself which can be useful in swamps or mangrove mazes if you need to back track.


Google Earth

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I assume the etrx will accept waypoints for routing.

Search Etowah or Chattooga, maximize image so the river topography is clearly seen then mark the white flows n gravel bars .....check heights with the cursor .... n place a marker at the chute and 100 yards or ? above the last blind bend. Record coorsinates into a Word program. Do not mix 10 coordinate locations out of place.

Transfer coordinates into the etrax for a route on top the topo. Garmin's Topo USA is a topo etrex may be limited for switching from one map source to another. An aftermarket topo may not take a routing overlay as does the Garmin Topo USA.

There may be a reduction in Topo lines from aftermarket to garmin or in comparision to the USGS's topo's online. Google Earth would work around this with a 'real time' place marker.

Many Goo Earth river views are at lower water levels so obstructions are clear.

If in a canyon, etrex reception will not keep pace with your on water progress so care is advised for running the chutes....left right center during reduced reception.

The routing from GE works for low water and WW. Is possible to be several hundred feet from the only water when the only water is a few feet downstream. A good visual on the sandbar thru a place marker helps.

further, Garmin map detail may not be available until you are directly before an area. I find this in Garmin Blue Charts for Haro Strait where I used the GPS for current flows around underwater obstructions as sea mounts n underwater cliff, reef, boundaries.

That is finding what I would see approaching Kettleman's on the water, in a stationary not on the water PC/handheld display was not immediately seeable. Maybe if you fooled with the settings but not immediately on zoom or not zoom.

I asked abt this but the reply was obscure and technical....I would need a self inflicted software mod.

Not life n death fersure on Haromore

wow lookit this bottom where are we ?

Not much memory
The Legend H only has 24 megs of memory. That won’t hold a very large area, so you may finding yourself needing to re-load maps anytime you travel somewhere outside of your usual paddling area.

Hoping you didn’t pay much for that unit. It was a pretty good unit in its day, but that day was like 8 years ago.