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I need to get a new handheld GPS. My current magellan one does not make any track. It justs gives numbers. I gave me newer one that is on;y 10 or 15 years old to my son as a back up.

My experiences leads me to think I’m only interested in Garmin and I think I want the least expensive unit. The unit that comes with a usb port and cable costs about 3 times as much so I can upload and download waypoints.

Would it be worth it to buy the better one that has color , maps, usb port and cable etc.

I’m considering:

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator $78

Garmin eTrex Summit HC Handheld GPS Receiver $171

Garmin eTrex Legend HCx Personal GPS… $167

I guess I’ll need to buy two to have a back up.

1 Garmin 60Csx

I second
the 60CSx. color, waterproof, multiple user selected fields like distance, time moving, water speed, it tracks you with auto waypoints. great choice, and you an add garmins maps (waterways!)

Get the HCx
The color is worth the money and the expansion lets you add maps. USGS maps are free.

I have the Vista HCx and really like the small size, ruggedness, and one hand operation. I’ve beat it up and swam with it on whitewater a dozen times and it is still ticking.


Most Basic E-trex

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GPS units have worked well for me. I carry two basic, identical, pre-programmed Garmin E-Trex units.

If you go the basic route, would recommend getting the newer "High Sensitivity" model.

Everone has different needs/wants different things from a GPS unit. I'm a map and comapss person, so the GPS units with all the bells and whistles don't interest me.

Whatever GPS unit you do get, carry two. Any technology can fail, and when technology does fail, it's often at the most inopportune moment.

Acquiring and/or keeping up map and compass skills may not be such a bad idea either.


Take a look at the PN-30, PN-40, or the new PN-60 from Delorme. I have the PN-40 and it is great.

  • on delorme
    I have the pn-20 for geocaching and would definitaly recomend the delorme

Legend HCX
Considering your choices I would go with the Legend HCX. It is a good unit for the money. Mapping, expandable memory, great reception. Hard to beat.