GPS Suggestions?

I’m sure this question has been asked before but I couldn’t find it in the archives. I’m looking for a relatively cheap but reliable GPS to take with me on my paddling trips. I don’t need all of the fancy mapping features. I just want to know how far I’ve gone and how to get back. Any suggestions???

I have the Garmin Foretrex 201 which is a wrist mount. I like it alot and have had no problems with it.

Check out the Garmin little yellow Etrex
that is probably the best and cheapest starter one for you.

I used mine for a long time and still have it even though I upgraded to the Map -76



I second the yellow Garmin Etrex
that JackL suggested. I have one and love it - reliable, accurate, sturdy (I’ve dropped mine a lot in the water and on land), and very easy to use.


Make sure its the Yellow ‘H’ version
The current yellow eTrex is the ‘H’ - or high sensitivity version. The high sensitivity chipset provides an amazingly improved reception when under foliage, heavy clouds, or with a more limited view of the sky (trees or ground blocking one side).

Don’t be fooled by someone selling an older yellow non-H version at lower cost. The H is worth it!

Etrex Venture HC (The ‘new’ little yellow unit).

That’s what I have and I love it. It’s small, handles some mapping features and is cheap.

One word of caution, despite what Garmin may say, this unit is NOT waterproof! Bag it.