GPS usage while kayaking

I’ve seen one kayak that has an optional GPS mount that fold away (very cool), but for those of you that use a GPS while paddling how do you use it? If you have it out so you can view it while paddling how do you have it rigged or mounted? I’m interested in how this can be done or if the suction cup mounts I’ve seen are reliable.

Heavy duty velcro works
resting it in cockpit works in sit on top with the tether attached to the boat. Mine’s water proof.

My Garmin Etrex

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stays underneath the deck bungie closest to the cockpit most of the time. I first tie the string supplied by Garmin around the bungie and then tuck it underneath the cord....or sometimes it rides on top of my spray skirt if I'm paddling in a straight line. If I need to edge a lot to turn, back underneath the bungie it goes!

I use mine to monitor speed and distance paddled, and find its easiest to view when in my lap on top of the skirt. When under the bungie, I have to lean forward a little to read it.

I have used my Etrex Legend in much the same manner.

I tried it with a new Magellan Explorist 600, and the test failed miserably. Unit had water in it after only one roll. Thankfully, Magellan is replacing it under warantee, but I will be sure to keep it in a dry pack if it comes with in the future.

I seen pics from another P-Netter who had cut and shaped a block of mini-cell foam to hold the gps tightly and at a good viewing angle. This looks ideal, and I have added it to my “to do” list.

Make a GPS holder from minicel
I did one, works great:

I have a large see thru floatable dry
bag that I clip to the bungies in front of the cockpit. This dry bag is rectangular and relatively flat. About, 15" X 24". I keep my GPS and three 16-ounce bottles of water in the dry bag. Protects the GPS and I can easily read the display while paddling. Works great!


Mine’s quick and crude but it works great.

Great Ideas
Lots of great ideas. Thanks all.

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Lots of great mods
You’ve got lots of good modifications there. I really like your arching grab loops.

Is where mine resides:

I have a car mount that holds it at any angle and I then place in under the bungies.


Tied to the spray skirt
I use the lanyard and attach it to the spray skirt’s grab loop, and it sits on the skirt in front of me.

I primarily use it for distance and speed. How fast am I going? How does a specific change in my paddling style affect my speed? How much does this wind or current affect my speed? How long has this leg of the trip been (and is this why I’m getting tired)?

Lemme Try Again:

I use a Garmin V
and the shape is perfect for paddling. I lash it under a bungee on the deck and off I go. It is IP67 and works great, the form factor is perfect for kayaks. Garmin is excellent gear.



I place mine on my
spraydeck. When not in use it goes in the pocket of my pfd. It’s a cheap e-trex that has been used a lot.

When I paddled a ski I would use a rubber band and lash it to my upper leg so it would be readable under way.

GPS in a dry bag
that is really meant for a cell phone. Then I clip it on the deck rigging.

LL Bean now has a GPS that is worn on the wrist like a watch. I think it’s about $150.

Garmin Marine Mount
I got the Garmin Marine Mount and drilled holes in the deck of the yak. I decided that this would be the best solution . If I sell the yak I’ll take off the mount and put screws in the holes . Did not want to loose the GPS because of a faulty mount. FishHawk

Garmin auto mount
I use the garmin auto mount for my etrex legend and map 76. It is attached with 2 sided adhesive on my composite kayak. It is very strong and is fully adjustable.It is easy to get off and on and looks great. If you get rid of the kayak you can use a plastic scraper and goof off to take it off and clean up the surface. It have a mount on both my kayaks.

But how accurate is it?
> LL Bean now has a GPS that is worn on the wrist like a watch.

I’d think that all of that wrist movement while paddling would really skew any speed and distance readings.