GPS week rollover.

I have to wonder if this will affect my VHS/DSC radio and Forerunner 301XT, since both use GPS. I know I can update the software on the Forerunner (presuming Garmin supplies) it, but unsure about the radio. Quite sure Apple will do what (if anything) is needed for my phone.

Another article:
GPS glitch threatens thousands of scientific instruments

I think the Garmin devices are ok, but you won’t find me 20 miles out east on the Atlantic this weekend (an OTS paddle). Instead, I’ll be in little Sampson Lake in the middle of FL.

Thanks for the link. My Forerunner uses the GLONASS system plus a couple others. Guess I’ll charge it and see what happens on Sunday.

I’m going to be working as line officer at a regional pistol match. My travels will be 50 yards out and back. Good weekend to leave the GPS at home.

gps required:

(I hope your ‘shells’ aren’t that big)

gps not required (even if it’s foggy):

Lawety is a speed trap. GPS or not.

hopefully not seen any impact on my loconav device. i think most of the old devices get affected by this issue

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