I’ve got a new Garmin Venture which will allow me to download maps from the computer.

Does anyone know of a good map of the Buffalo River that’s compatible with the Garmin GPS units?

Hope this helps.
Take a look at the Garmin web sight.

Look for (MapSource Map Viewer:) You can check out the maps and see what you like. You can also check (MapSource Compatibility:) To find out wwhat works with your GPS. I have the Venture CX and I use Inland Lakes continental United States and MetroGuide U.S.A. But they have many others. That is why I like the map viewer on the web sight. You can get a feel for what the map contains. You should be able to zoom in on the river of choice to see if the map is what you want before you spend your money.

Garmin Mapping Software
is the only reasonably easy way to load maps onto your Garmin GPS. The US Topo 24K National Parks Central or the Topo software both will provide sufficient detail for the Buffalo River (I have used both for paddling the Buffalo). The US Topo 24K National Park Versions are at a finer scale and have more detail than the regular Topo software, but only include National Park and National Forest areas.

I just bought (less than a month ago) a Venture CX @ Bass Pro in Auburn it cost me $229 then U.S. Topo then a usb cable for $20 that I felt should have come with the cd and a 2.0gb chip for memory another $65 ,all of that plus two downloads later (the drivers didn’t install )plus a web updater for a total of 13.5 hrs. download time on dial up. I have what I want now I think, but for what I paid I could have bought a Lowrance and preloaded chips for any where I wanted for less time and cost . I like the unit but the hidden cost were rediculous.

which lowrance?
which lowrance would you have preferred?

I think it would have been a toss up between the i-finder explorer and the H20 C I looked at one @ Bass Pro and the salesman put in a chip that was water based .