Does anyone use a GPS in their canoeing or kayaking?

I’m not referring to actual use for directional purposes, but more for time and distance or to help not shoot past take-outs, etc.

If so, any suggestions (Brands, models,etc.)?

I do
not for paddling but to test my paddles.

When I test a new kayak, I set my GPS on the deck, do a general easy stroke i can do all dayand see what the GOPS says is my ground speed.

This tells me if I am in a fast or slow boat.

If I go on a trip, I use it t okeep track of how far aI paddled that day.

If I am going from pouint-A to point-B, I can use it to find the actual distance (maps lie).

But mostly i use my GPS for Geocaching.

I suppose that somedayI’ll come back in the dark and need it to find my put-in but that hasn’t happened yet.

I prefer the Garmion Foretrex (NOTthe forerunner) as it is waterproof and wears like a wristwatch.

Byt that broke so am usijng whatever garmin waterproof I can afford.

NOTE: if you put it in your dry-bag or dry-box, it WILL get fogged so toss in a few packets of the silica gel you find in the box whern you buy a TV or other electronic gear to keep the case clear and GPS safe.

Yes. Me. Lots of Folks.
For measuring speed, distance, and to keep from getting lost.

The most important thing is that it’s waterproof. Some models say they’re waterproof… and then the fine print says “except for the battery compartment”.

I use the Garmin MAP76 series but I understand other manufacturers make good waterproof models.

Google Garmin / Magellan / Lowrance.

Dead happy with Garmin Edge 705
Fun way to record trail and heart rate.

Look at the results of a recent trip from Dana Point :

Condition were nasty (for me) so rather stayed close to the harbor…

Hit the satellite button to get a better feel of what we did. Try the player in full screen too.

At some point I’ll mount the cadence sensor, to add another leavel of analysis.


GArmin 72
I use it primarily for speed, distance. It has come in handy in getting back to the take out when the water view was totally different then the land view…

It is an old model, not water tight, It is tough though. It fell out of the dry bag,bounced off the hood of Randys truck, slid up to the window and hit the road at 30 mph, bounced of the tarmac and landed in the brush. 4 years latter it still gives me distance, speed, and position. Very handy device.


Yup, all the time
A Garmin Map 76.

when I am racing or training I set one screen, on “Two Large Lines” with one being speed and the other distance.

Then at the end of the paddle on another screen called “trip computer”, you can get all your pertinent info, such as average speed, maximum speed and more.

when not racing or training, it gets used for going to and from a particular location, etc.