Looking for a handheld gps that I can use to map out rivers to give me exact mileage and show the twists and turns as I want to make a web site to show some little known rivers. Easy to use and waterproof would be a big plus. Thank you for any suggestions. P.S. Please include price if you know it! Thanks

Garmin Map-76
about $200.

“the bride” prints out a new route map almost daily after she downloads it to her computer.



Garmin 60Cx

I like the 60Cx version better, easy to carry on a belt clip when hiking. It does not float, which the 76Cx does, so I keep mine tethered. Or go with the eTrex line which is cheaper. I use Garmin’s US Recreation Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots as I am bascially a flatwater paddler. Here is my website for all my trips using the track feature of the GPS.


go cheap
The least expensive models will do this and are easier to use, burn battery power slower, and are not a big deal if lost or broken.

Another option,
is Delorme, it comes with a lot of topo maps that the others charge extra for.

The other features I like are the use of AA batteries, and a removable SD card.

I own the older PN-20. If you can find a new one on e-bay or Amazon, you could get quite a nice unit very inexpensively.

It also allows you to layer aerial photos over the topo map, very useful in marshes or finding the best channel.

The once I needed tech support, it was quick and accurate.

I’m sure Garmin is a fine product.

I’ve had bad experience with Magellan tech support.


I just bought a Garmin 400i @ basspro for approx. 1/2 price( leftover stock/phased out, OP was in the $499 range) The “i” stands for inland lakes and rivers mapped …all touch screen and waterproof to IX7 standards and runs on AA batteries.

2nd the DeLorme
I have a PN20 (a older model)and use it to track all the rivers within a 60 mile radius of where I live - over 600 miles of streams and rivers. I keep it in a AquaPac (can work all the buttons OK while in the AquaPac) when on the water even though it’s supposed to be somewhat waterproof.

Garmin eTrex Venture HC
Very small, has enough memory to load maps and it’s cheap. Hard to beat.

GPS logger

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Try "gps logger" in, say, google.
If you have no need for instantaneous readout they might fit your requirements

edit - I meant "course and mapping readout"

eTrex Vista HCx
and you can get free USGS maps for them:


3rd the Delorme
I have the PN-40. In May, a PN-60 suite will be released with some good improvements. Data is cheap.

But honestly, you don’t necessarily need a GPS to do do what you want (Well except maybe getting exact coordinates for places like (end of navigable water, unique features along the way, etc.).

The rest (mileaage, etc can be done with certain GIS packages. I do find the Topo USA software the comes with the Delorme is really good to measure with. Much more accurate than Google Earth or ESRI ArcGIS Explorer (both free).

$30 /year unlimeted imagery, raster (topo’s and charts) downloads is pretty cheap and the imagery will be upgraded this year as well.

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC