Just did a search and didn’t come up with anything. I am trying to decide between buying the Delorme PN60 and the PN60w with Spot tracking. Any compelling reason(s) for getting the Spot? Is there a subscription cost for that service? Thanks.

SPOT functions as a PLB

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Yes there is a subscription service.

Better IMO to buy stand alone GPS and PLB (a real PLB does not require a subscription).

There has been a recent thread about a PLB.

Its that subscription service that gets me. I travel two months a year north of 50 and there isn't anything up there (so there is no cell phone service).

SPOT does aquaintance was hauled out of Wabakimi in May.. no one for miles around.

I haven't done anything with SPOT except send 120 OK messages for the anxious at home (I am solo)

“Compelling Reasons” for getting
a PLB:

1.Do you paddle in the wilderness?

2.Do you paddle long distances off shore.

3. Do you go out in the ocean or on large bodies of

water and play in rough water

4. I would say, if you answer yes to any of the above, and you can afford the extra cost, then by all means get it.

And lastly if the answer to any of the above is yes, and you don’t have a paddling partner, than it is almost a must.

Jack L

Jack L

Agree with Jack, depends on what you are doing. Spot will save you in places where there is no cell phone coverage to call for help.