I need to decide between Garmin MAP76 Cx and the Vista HCx. Both waterproof but 76 floats. Would appreciate help in deciding. I have gotten turned around too may times in the NC/SC marsh where do I a lot of paddling. Also will make big trip to fl keys and hard to tell where I am by map alone… Thanks for any help-archives haven’t helped. Need something that will be able to be seen in sunlight.

Get the Map76Cx and then pay extra
and get the Garmin US G2 mini SD card(Blue Chart for the whole US.)

It is absolutely fantastic, and yes it floats.

You might have a learning curve unless you are lucky like I am and has a wife who is computer savy, or unless you are computer savy.

When you bring the chart up on screen, you can zoom into exactly where you are right down to a few feet.

We have about 600 miles on ours now since the first of the year all over the outer Keys and in the 10,000 Islands.

We started with the little yellow Etrex quite a few years ago, and then went to the plain Map76, but I don’t know how they can top this one.

It will also do tides any place there is a tide station and any date you want.

You have your choice of colors for the “bread crumbs” and way points.

Just got back from a wilderness loop trip in the 10,000 Islands including part of the wilderness water way, and it guided us right through places that looked completely impenetrable.

jack L

Thank you, you made that decision easy-my problem was following the track back on a b/w legend in the sun light-now all you have to tell me who will make it to the final four

Final four:
that is a tough decision between the Florida Keys, the Everglades, the 10,000 Islands, or the Springs area.

The problem is they are all winners

Jack L

Look no further. All the capability of the 76 series models, with the capability to show scanned maps and satellite imagery.

Well, it honestly sounds like…
You paddle the same place alot, you know the area “pretty well” just not well “enough”. Sooner or later you will “KNOW” it.

I would suggest the “Bushnell Backtrack”…

It does not have all the “bells & whistles”, but it is simple to use & simple to operate.

Basically, it marks your start & takes you back to it when you are ready. Which sounds like exactly what you need.

Out of the 3 GPS’s I have had, I have found for what I did, I didn’t need them. Even now, All I ever use it for is to “get back to where I started”

The only thing I really use the GPS for is to Geocache. Well sometimes, I do use it to see where I am at. Mostly though I use a compass &/or landmarks alon g with navigational instinct.

The Backtrack is only $50 too!!! Look it up, sounds like it is exactly what you need at a low cost. I am going to get one in the spring.

Paddle easy,


Got mine!
Works Great! Gets me within about 10yds of where I wanted to be. Does everything that I ever used on my GPS except for plot a course (only used that for geocaching acouple times a year).

Paddle easy,