Starting to look into a GPS. Any suggestions?

more details
Might get better responses if you let us know some of your requirements - do you need a map, do you need color screen, do you need high resolution chip (will you be in canyons or trees), what price range you want, need to be waterproof, want hand held/wrist mount/etc, etc

Feature set
GPS features I’d like:

  1. Waterproof – I’d keep it in my dry bags or in a PFD pocket.
  2. Maps – I’d like the option to be able to add maps as needed. Not sure if the maps come by state or region, but I’m in the Southeast and do most of my paddling there. Would like the option to purchase, say the midwest or Pacific West (AK?).
  3. Software to load on a Windows XP box, so I can chart out my trip(s).
  4. Color screen would be nice.
  5. Pricing? Under $200.

Go Garmin


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If you have smartphone with GPS you can run nice GPS app with big display. Some apps can load maps offline to view where no cell service, some do require service to get maps. Waterproof bag keeps it dry.