Grab handle retainers

I would like to use some bungie to secure my toggle-style grab handles and keep them from flopping around. I remember seeing pictures somewhere of this setup, but can’t remember what brand of boat showed it. Does anyone know where I might see a description or picture of this kind of setup?

I have an idea of how I might do it, but are wondering what others have done.


Valley toggle keepers

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Starting this year Valley boats come with toggle keepers - just what you are describing.

On my Aquanaut, it consists of a length of bungie (same as used in deck rigging)running from the toggle to the last RDF at each end of the boat. There is a hook on the end of said bungie that catches on a stainless steel ring running around the perimeter rigging at those points.

There was a recent thread in which this was discussed, including someone (maybe brian) describing how he did his own.

It’s pretty simple
I plan to install them on my boats to avoid the constant tap,tap,every time you hit a wave.

Brian Nystrom has some great photos on his webpage


I found the pics
I found the thread and the pics. Got some bungie and made something similar, only in a triangular format. They look and work great!


Tempest has a nice set-up
Maybe if Wilderness Systems ever gets their website going for real, they will put up a picture.

The Perception Carolina 13.5 in Airalite uses a bungee retention system on the carry handles. Bob

Worst system
I ever saw was on an Eddyline Carbonlite boat. It had a nice recessed area for the toggle, with adhesive-backed velcro patches stuck to the toggle and deck. When I pulled on the toggle, the deck-mounted patch pulled right off.


Jim, I think the velcro was probably…
… an owner add-on, but I could be wrong. I’ve seen several Eddylines (from many different model years) with the recesses you described and have never seen one with velcro. It’s really not necessary; the toggle tucks nicely under the deck line, doesn’t rattle, but is quickly accessed when needed.


I have been pondering the thought
myself. Im getting the circling scuffs on my deck from the toggles swirling in the wind while driving. I think a bungy loop applying pressure should do the trick back aft easy enough and forward same but doesn’t seem to be a neat and slick an adaption on my boat anyway.


I fussed with this
after following those other recent discussions. Decided the toggle loops on my Caribou were too short for the other apparent usage of these things, being able to hold onto them if you ever find yourself in the water and need to tow, or steer, the boat from either end while swimming. On this boat they are attached to eye fittings on the top deck, rather than threaded through the hull as on some others, like the Outer Island.

I made longer loops for them, so they’d reach just beyond the tip of the boat at either end. This required about a 6-inch length to the loops when pulled tight.

First attempt at restraining the now really floppy toggles was to bungee them back from the respective ends along the top deck, but decided I didn’t like the looks of that. Hadn’t liked staring at the front toggle perched up there even when on the original short loop, either.

Current solution is to let them lay looped over the ends of the boat. To keep them from flopping around and banging the hull in waves I used some sliding sleeve things, like what is used to make a smaller loop in something around your neck, etc. Slide that towards to the toggle enough to make it sort of tight around the very tip of the boat, yet it is still easy to pull up over the tip and have the full length to work with when needed. I think I like the looks and functionality of this, but it was done at the end of the season (for me, anyway) and I haven’t actually had it out on the water this way yet. I can email pictures to anyone interested if this description makes no sense. Just send me a note.


I have an Eddyline Nighthawk
with the front recess for the toggle, but I always - ALWAYS - forget to tuck it in, and am always asking my paddling partners to do it for me after we launch. They just roll their eyes, and humor me, but it drives me crazy flopping around. I too have never seen velcro on an Eddyline - and there are lots of them around here.

With a bungie triangle run from the front rigging hooks, I can keep the toggles in place, but they are easily usable and then pop right back into position. I won’t have to remember to tuck them in.


Right on Mike…
With that longer loop one can simply take them off for car transport in 5 seconds. Can always substutute bunji for the loop line too.

Will be short when not loaded and then stretch for knuckle clearance when loaded up… inch for inch diametrically speakin’ not as strong though + harder to keep knotted… hog rings work here too.