Grabner Explorer 1

Does anyone know anything about this inflatable kayak? I am considering another foldable kayak (I currently own a Folbot Cooper) to use in Harbors and Lakes, along with the ocassional river. I am interested in Grabner’s because I have read/heard that they make possibly the best inflatable kayaks and canoes available.

I know that inflatables can have a tough time with tracking and speed. Actually, I know this from personal experience, as I owned a Sevylor XK2 inflatable that basically spun like a top when I used it for paddling the local harbors. It was so frustrating, that I ended up selling it for roughly 20% of what I originally paid. But the Grabner Explorer is advertised as a touring kayak, whereas the Sevylor is basically a flat-bottomed whitewater/river inflatable.

I know that there are some close competitors to the Explorer, like the Innova Seaker, and the inflatable kayaks by Incept, so I am also interested in comparisons. I wouldn’t pay the full list price of the Explorer (way too expensive!), but I’ve seen them occasionally advertised at 1/2 that price.

So does anyone have any experience with Grabner? Would you take it out on the ocean, lakes, rivers? Any information is always appreciated. Thanks.

No experience with the Grabners (too expensive) but they are supposed to be the best. With the rudder they will not spin around like the sevylor. I use an Innova Sunny successfully on lakes, rivers and the ocean. I’m sure the explorer would track as well and get a similar speed.

Yost sonnet
I am in the process of building and gluing the Yost Sonnet which I sincerely hope will serve as a lightweight hybrid folder for week long trips. Seems to me that it is pretty close to this Grabner boat and for under 300 bucks you could come real close.


Paul, I have visited yostwerks several times, and I think his designs are cool. But I have a Pygmy Coho that I started building in 1997, and it’s still not finished. To clarify a bit, I did all the work on it during Sept 1997, but my wife and I adopted a baby, and I have been dealing with work & family ever since. So I figure if I can’t even find the time to pull the Coho down from the rafters and complete it, I wouldn’t want to start another project. Recently, I have thought about finishing the Coho. I only need to install the hatch covers (they are already cut out & sanded), the rim of the coaming, and the footrests. Then varnish and it’s done. Just need to dial up that “motivation” knob a bit. :slight_smile:

On the bright side, the Coho sure holds a lot of stuff while it’s hanging up in the garage. Sort of like my wife’s treadmill being a great item for hanging clothes and stacking boxes. :slight_smile:

I considered an Explorer,
but as i recall, i felt it was too short at 13’ Though it would be a good play boat, since you already have the longer Cooper.

A less expensive option would be an Advanced Element boat. Innova too.

Questions about the Sunny
How do you like the Sunny on the ocean? I have to assume you are using a rudder or skeg with this boat? Does it have a flat bottom?

It does very well on the ocean but is a bit of a wetter ride when the chop is up. I mostly paddle inlets and protected waters, not very open ocean. The sunny has a rather large skeg that keeps it tracking straight, and a fairly flat bottom.