grabner inflatable kayaks

Looking for feedback on the Grabner Holiday 2 inflatable kayaks. I’m considering this boat, for $1800.

Audrey Sutherland used an earlier version of this kayak for her Alaska expeditions, based on what I’ve heard. They are supposed to be excellent kayaks, top of the range for inflatables. You don’t see a lot of them over here, probably due to the high prices. $1800 seems like a pretty good price for one, but you may need the rudder, which I think is an extra.

On another forum I read that compared to the Innova boats, the Grabner Holiday packs a bit larger, is a bit heavier (but this is due to more robust materials) and is a drier ride in chop.

from a newbie
I know nothing about the boat you are going to buy, and I haven’t even used the boat I bought from them (just put it together in the yard yesterday, and moved it around on wheels), Ranger SL.

However, from what I see of my boat’s construction and quality I would highly recommend Grabner as a company. I have a klepper aerius II for my other boat. I am new to this sport, but I thought it was worth mentioning the points here.

Grabner customer service is very good too.

Ordering from them was easy but I have a few caveats for you :

  1. your credit card (VISA) may charge a 3% international fee, this is total BS but I got part of mine reversed by complaining (to VISA), Grabner offers a 3% “webshop discount” when you place your order online, also

  2. there is a fee to clear customs in the USA, about $60 a parcel in my recent experience - so maybe order everything at once so they can put it in one box. I use a ups store to receive packages and they initally rejected the shipment because they didn’t have a credit card on file for me

  3. I ordered copious amounts of gadgets and gizmos with my boat and they are all good quality too. (the carry back pack for instance, I had before for my Klepper and I recommend it)

    Look carefully through all the tabs on their website to make sure there isn’t anything you are forgetting. They have a good website, but their products are kind of scattered throughout their catagory system.

    Good luck.