Grand Canyon in August? Any suggustions?

Looks like the trip to AZ is on for this summer. Would anybody be able to help with info on taking a river trip?

I thought about the Salt but would love to do the Colorado River through the Canyon but only if conditions were favorable.

Thanks…wanna come?

Very hot in the GC in August.
Other whitewater rivers may be rather low. Salt is out of the question, strictly a spring run. There may be enough water for the San Juan or the Desolation/Gray Canyon runs.

Very hot meaning over 100 on the
river. 114 when some friends hiked in.Isn’t river access also limited by permit?

Permit required. Unless you have
friends with one, you can still sign up for a commercial trip that is raft based paddling. Or, you can ring up Otter Bar, Small World Adventures, or some such outfit for a kayak based trip supported by rafts. The water in August is big. Lots of cfs released to fuel the air conditioners of the Southwest.


Thanks everybody. Was there in 07 in
August, 114 degees was the norm. I appriciate the advice.


Requires Prior Planning —and hot
Your only chance is with a spot with outfitters who have signed up for the permits. You can do the lower Colorado, but I would not do it. Afternoon temps near Yuma can be 118-120 in August.

In the summer in Arizona we used to get up at 4:30 AM to play outside and then be in the shade by mid morning … come out again when the sun goes down.

Outdoors Unlimited
I booked with these guys for a trip back in May of 2006. The trip basically departed on Memorial Day and ran 6 days, did the upper 1/2. We booked the May trip in January of that year, not sure how far in advance would be needed for August.

Our trip had open seats on it too. Look thru the GRCOA outfitters and hit them up for available space. You never know. We only signed up for the first half, but there were so many open seats on the lower half that our guides offered us to stay on for no charge! If it weren’t for the need to go to work and pay for the trip, we’d have stayed in a heartbeat. Best money we ever spent, and best vacation EVER.

Thanks again for the great info. Maybe
I’ll just stay at the hotel pool with the others.

If driving, try Glenwood Springs, CO
Hi there Dennis!

I rafted the Colorado at Glenwood in Sept. Not as wild as the canyon might be, but it was fun. No trouble getting a ride, Huge Hot Springs pool in the middle of town, hot springs are found in the river itself.

Bryce Canyon and Zion Park are on the north side of the Grand Canyon and worth the drive. I visited the Grand Canyon North Rim, and found it less crowded and very picturesque. Check out the road from Jacob Lake thru the Kaibob Forest to the Nat’l Park. North Rim is much higher than many parts of the south rim, beware of altitude sickness and BEWARE of beer. Beer probably not an issue for you;)

I will call you Thursday or Friday afternoon to catch up.

Happy Trails, Kaps

Black Canyon
Cold water comes out of Boulder Dam so any breeze off the water will be cooler.

There is a plan to build an access road to the mouth of the canyon from Pearce Ferry do to a new rapid a few miles down stream.

Go to Temple Bar or South Cove and paddle Lake Mead.

Thanks Kapps. This is good info, much
appriciated. I’ll print it out and pass it around to the group.

Thanks EA, I’ll check it out.

GC in Aug.
Stay hydrated and use plenty of sun screen. VF