grand canyon kayak

I am going down the Grand Canyon next summer. What is the best kayak, a RPM Max or a Remix 69?

I’m 6’ 200 lbs.


your call
which do you like to paddle more?

which will be more comfy on a 20 or 30 mile day?

which is more playful?

all depends on what style of paddling you will be doing?

Other kayaks along for play or is it a cruise?

The canyon is a big trip. BIG water, big play (if you stop and enjoy) big miles. BIG fun.


personally I’d take a Dagger Alchemy…but that’s just ME! :wink:


depends on what you want to do
personally, if this is a raft supported trip as I’m assuming, I’d take a tiny little playboat, use it in the rapids, and spend the rest of the time in a raft drinking beer with the kayak tied up behind it. if you have to decide between the rpm and the remix, decide what you want to do more. the rpm, although a very outdated design, can still handle simple surfing type play. the remix is newer, but not really a playboat either, but will likely be more comfortable if you will be spending a lot of time in it.

Two people to talk to.
Geoff Jennings at boatertalk surf zone

and Jeff Laxier at

Best to get advice from people who have done it.

A few of my friends went last summer and used Necky Jives, they were with a raft support group. Which I think almost all novice canyon paddlers are doing because of the permits.

I ran it in a Dancer
It was a private, raft supported trip in 1992. When you fast forward to 2009, you will no doubt have plenty of good options. Just choose something with decent hull speed because there will be times you want to make that ferry above a big hole.

Most of the paddling is pretty straight forward - big waves, big holes, fast water. Get a boat that you enjoy surfing giant waves with. There were some thrillers.

And bring a variety of paddling clothing because it can be very hot or surprisingly cold. And water temp at the put in is really really cold.

Have a nice trip - Just writing about it gets me excited.


what are you comfortable in?
I’ve paddled it, rafted it and guided on many other long and similar trips. I always told my guests to paddle what they are comfortable paddling. Whether it’s long, short or whatever, just use what you are comfortable paddling. I imagine it is raft support so you can always put it up on the raft for a bit to get a rest and just float.

Now, if your comfortable in anything, pick the boat design to fit what you’d like to do. The last trip I went down, we had everything from long boats for people what wanted speed to catch more waves, to squirt boaters who wanted to play the whole way down the river on every eddy line. Others wanted comfort for the miles of river travel and a place to put some gear in their boat for the day. No matter, have fun

Lucky you!
Later this early spring -look for info on this very trip by Woody at Liquid Logic on their website. They are taking the new Remix XP’s. Not sure when the post will be but the trip will be well before yours.