Grand Canyon rafting transportation to start?

We are going to launch our Grand Canyon paddle from Marble Canyon Lodge in AZ. We are flying into Flagstaff AZ a few days before for some adventures. QUESTION: What transportation options are there from Flagstaff Airport to Marble Canyon Lodge. I am returning the rental car and would like a direct trip to Marble Canyon Lodge. Thanks Ken

Did you try asking Marble Canyon Lodge? 1-800-726-1789

The GC is specialized. The HQ is in Flagstaff. Start with the Lodge. If they don’t give you the answers you want ask around. It is a small fraternity.

Thanks telling me I am on my own

I think UBER or LYFT will be the best one way trip. Goomes will take toroth Rim. Shuttle from there all trip time is 8 hours from Flagstaff

Jealous that you scored a permit.