Grand Portage Trail

Hi All

After thinking idly about it for years we’re determined to hike the Grand Portage Trail when we’re in the area next month. The plan is just to hike in, camp overnight, and then hike back the next morning. Has anyone here made the hike? Any insights to share?



Grand Portage trail
Did it twenty-some years ago. Just a long walk on a good trail. At that time any wet spots had boardwalks on them. Mostly flat or gradual slope through the forest.

RU from Duluth?

Are you the same SB who paddled with Scott Anderson from Duluth to Hudson Bay?

I hiked the Grand Portage Trail with DM. Details are sketchy after 20+ years but I remember it as a nice hike, not tremendously challenging. I might have a different opinion now tho, I suppose.


It’s nice
It’d be a really nice hike. I portaged it a couple of years ago and nothing stood out as exceptionally hard. The campsites at the top are very nice.

Unless, you’re really burning to do the Grand Portage because it’s the Grand Portage, there are better overnight hikes in the area.

Grand Portage Trail
Thanks to all for the info. We’re planning the hike because it is THE Grand Portage Trail. Who knows where it all will lead from there.

The other Steve Baker is my evil twin (or is it the other way around?) and a much better paddler (definitely not the other way around).

I’ll post here when we get back.

Thanks again.

Have a great hike!
Have a great hike, Steve! I can’t remember if you can get to Partridge Falls easily from a trail from the Portage, but if you can, it’d be worth going.