Grand Tetons/Yellowstone

The Mrs. and I will be in Jackson Hole next week.

Any suggestions for places to rent boats and paddle will be much appreciated.

group trip
There are a variety of group trips on Yellowstone Lake. I think most of the companies are based in Jackson Hole. You paddle from Grant Village towards the West Thumb geyser basin.

If you can rent a kayak and want to go solo, I’d paddle on lake Lewis. less people and all. Cross over from launch ramp to east side of lake and follow shore north. You’ll pass some geyser basins.

I Believe There Was Rental Place…
…in Colter Bay Village on Jackson Lake. That’s a big lake, but some sheltered bays. The Snake was where I wanted to go, but a ranger scared the wife with horror stories of drowned tourists so she backed out. If you can, take a canoe or kayak to String and over to Leigh Lakes. BEAUTIFUL and right against the mountains. String is very shallow, but my favorite place I’ve ever paddled. Here’s a few pics of the area. Have fun, wish I were going! WW

Coulter Bay /Moose Junction
I have not been for several years but a few years ago you could rent Canoes and rowboats on Coulter Bay … kind of pricey by the hour if I remember.

You could reserve/rent Canoes and Kayaks at a sporting goods outlet at Moose Junction. Google for it. Head to Jenny, Leigh, and String Lakes…as well as Jackson lake. Some of the Ox Bows of the Snake are pretty spots. You will need to check current regulations, it been several years since I was there often.

It would be sweet to have a nice inflatable or folder kayak to take up there.

Thanks to all for the suggestions
Wonderful pics WW.

Snake River
We were there last summer and padded Jenny, String, Leigh, Lewis, Shoshone, Jackson, and Yellowstone. I recommend them all with a preference for String and Leigh–simply stunning. Our (wife and kids) favorite, though, was the Snake. Anyone can do the section below the Jackson Lake dam. We liked it so much that we repeated the trip a couple days later. Both times I drove our car to the takeout and hitched a ride back–no problem.

If you want a larger adventure, look into camping on Shoshone Lake and visiting the geyser basin.

That is some beautiful scenery, some great pics, and the Kodakshare a great photo server. Would you share about about the camera and lens set-up? Thanks.