Granddaughter's kayak

My 7 year old grandaughter has been pestering me about her own kayak for months.

I had told her that she had to pass the swim test for swimming in the deep end at the community pool before I would allow to be in her own boat. She accepted the challenge and passed the test, and yesterday paddled her own sit on top.

She did really well, and even though she got tired on the return to the landing she refused a tow. This Papa couldn’t be more proud.


Congratulations. :+1: way to go davbart.

That is a proud moment.

Love it! You will have many a “don’t tell your mother” adventures with her. My wife came in Sunday while were watching the Green River race on You Tube and immediately asked my daughter “you never did anything like that did you?”. She just said no way and gave me a wink. Her daughter, my granddaughter just starting out, so I get to do it all over again.