Granite Gear Portage Packs?

anyone have experience with these? I have the opportunity to pick up a Superior One (7200 cubes)at a good price. Right now I’m using sealline boundry packs, and though perfectly functional, efficent packing and comfort are a tad short.



Superior One
I purchased a Superior One at a good price and used it this past season and liked it. They come in two sizes: short torso and medium torso. I’m 6’2" and the medium torso pack is just big enough to fit me. I suggest you try the pack on first to be sure the internal structure in the pack fits you. The Granite Gear website also has information about torso fitting. A Superior One has about the same capacity as a #4 Duluth pack. There is enough height in the pack to fit a 24" axe inside still being able to close up the pack. But it’s not too high to be bumping into the canoe if you carry both at the same time. I found it to be a very comfortable pack. I carried about 55 pounds in it and did 3 portages of almost 2 miles each - with no discomfort. Light rain seemed to bead up and run off the outside of the pack, but I still used a plastic bag pack liner in mine. The Superior Ones have been evolving over the last few years so you may be looking at an older version. One difference that I’m aware of is the older ones had a heavier cordura for the top closure that was difficult to cinch in closed with the pull cord and spring clip stay provided. The newest ones have a light weight material for the top closure that very easily cinch up closed. Regardless, if you’ve got one lined up for a good price, I’d recommend going for it.

Granite Gear

I have 2 of GG’s Quetico packs…basically the same pack as the Superior One with less volume. Lightweight and very durable, which is probably why a lot of outfitters use them. I have a hard time filling up a Quetico unless I am carrying a bear barrel (required in the ADKs this year). One thing I can say about their packs in general is that they carry like a hiking pack moreso than any of the other canoe packs I’ve owned, provided you use your sleeping pad as a frame inside the pack.

You might want to make sure the Superior’s dimensions fit in your Wildfire, if plan to lay it down in the canoe. My Quetico just makes it. Otherwise, you should be very happy with the Superior One. Granite Gear’s quality and craftsmanship is second to none.


Thanks Guys- I went for it…
Based on the measurrements, I think I’ll be able to wedge it into the WildFire, and I use the NorthStar for extended trips anyway.



NIMBUS - Great Northern
Quality is A1. Comfort is A1 overall - A1

I would spend some time determining proper size - I am a soloist - and I can’t fill the Nimbus - it’s 6500 cubes - hoewever, very comfortable, great quality… happy paddling!