grasse river classic xl vs. advantage

I will try the dealers.

I vist Florida for a few weeks every year and stay in the Keys and Homestead, sometimes in Chokolooski. I do a lot of canoeing in the Everglades.

Grasse River Financial Problems
About a year or so ago I heard Grasse River was having financial difficulties.

I don’t know if this is true.

Very nice boats. Like I said, the Otegan is fantastic, too, especially with a lowered seat for stability.


we no na grass river
grass river has it all over wenona. it is ligther, faster, turns better, and the builders are my friends!!!

i have been paddling grass river for 10 or 12 years. quality is there with the best and they are inovative wiyh designs. yes they cost more but so does a caddy

Oops - I Meant Grasse River

I meant I didn’t think


is legal for racing for blah, blah…

The Otegan, I believe, is legal…

Sorry if I confused anyone but me…


grass river
try to reach newman through saint lawerance valley paddlers .org or call 3153861363 and tell them jim from sc said hi