Grasse River

Anyone familiar with the stretch of the Grasse River from the put-in at the end of Spruce Mtn. road to the Bridge on Tooley Pond road. I understand that there are a couple of carries. Are they easily seen from the river? What is the level of difficulty on this stretch?

S branch Grass R
W/ the exception of Copper Rock falls all the raps in this section are easily runnable class 1-2 stuff when there’s sufficient water.(not the case @ present) Unless you wanna bounce down them & drag over lots of rocks the well marked carry trails are a better bet. (3in. round yellow disks used throughout Adks)

Copper Rock take out is the only difficult one to find. You must 1st negotiate a 4 ft ledge (stay far left) then cross a 50 yd pool before reaching take out on N bank. It’s a rough .5m carry to put-in. I’d recommend using the signed takeout just above Rainbow Falls (a must see before you leave area)It requires a 150yd carry out to Tooley pond Rd but extra 2m cruise is worth the effort IMO. Launching @ SR 3 is also possible. Enjoy !

S branch Grass R
Thanks for the info. Are all the carries on the north bank of the river?