Grasse River

I was just on thier website a week or so ago, but it doesn’t seem to work now. Anyone have a phone # so I can contact them?

Thanks, Mike

Grasse River Boatworks


Bad number
says number not in service.

Any other help.


Try Mac’s
They should know what’s going on.


phone number
Rechecked all my literature and the buyers guides for 2005, 315-386-1363 is the listed number.

Directory assistance for Canton NY. may yield and answer.

The suggestion to try MAC’s is a good one. If anything is up Brian and Grace should know. Their phone number is 518-891-2744.

I was just there on Saturday checking out the Peeper they have. Came home to do some more research and went to get on the website and it was gone.

I’ll do some more investigating tomorrow.

Thanks, Mike

Were you up for the 30 Mile race?
Or was it an R & R trip?

Brian and Grace do a terrific job of organizing canoe races in the Adirondacks during the summer season. I was up for the 30 miler on Sunday along with two women from the Philadelphia Canoe Club.

We will be back up for the 90 Miler in Sept.

The Peeper and the slightly longer Rambler look interesting and deserve a test paddle when i am up North. Need another small solo for my Granddaughter.

Try chuck bolesh in canton.ny or wear on earth is a store sort of affilated. Most people stop by their barn and they build great boats but do not enjoy hours on the phone.

No racing,
just some pond hopping and MTN biking with the family.

Interested in the boats for my son. We are leaning more towards the Rambler and want to try and find one to paddle.


GRB update
Well it seems there has been some bussiness shuffling, and some things have changed with Grasse River. But it seems the two brothers are still building boats. Working with Mac’s to find a boat to test paddle, we’ll see what happens.



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I too have had some difficulty getting through to GRB, over the past year. It turned out to be difficult (or impossible) for me anyway to speak directly to the boatmaker(s).

Prior to purchase, I had some questions and had to be content with going through a dealer for any answers.

Now after purchase, I have a couple of questions and I need help as I consider a fairly big modification. I'm basically just asking what's feasible for me to do and trying to buy the necessary parts from GRB. I have to say I've not had much luck getting this sort of help so far, however. That's too bad, too, because they make a very nice boat.

GRB Peeper
I too was interested in the Peeper a year ago. I tried to contact GRB because I would want some modifications done, but I had no luck making contact. Mac (Brian) told me they don’t like to speak on the phone, but he passed my phone number on to John at GRB to call me so I could make an appointment. It never happened. I understand John has had some health issues.

At the finish of the 90 Miler this past weekend in Saranac Lake there was a Peeper up for raffle, just like last year. The lady selling tickets didn’t offer any other information on the status of GRB.