Gravel canoe launch -- and the ADA?

We want to build some cheap, simple, low impact gravel canoe launches on our small local river. Is that allowed?

I’ve looked at the Federal Logical Launch Design PDF and I’m not sure how ADA requirements blend into real-world launch construction. They give examples of many huge, elaborate, expensive launches. And, yes, they also occasionally mention solving an access problem with a sliding board or a wooden box or a rock placed in a certain way.

We just want to install some gravel fan launches with wood beam bank reinforcement. …Like we see in hundreds of nearby river locations.

Are simple launches allowed? How does their installation relate to ADA?

I note the ADA info says “where possible.” What does that mean?

Our river in question is small, shallow, woodsy, and it changes water level a few feet with any sizable rain.

Thanks for any specific details based on recent experience, or links.

Might start with your local zoning

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department to see what hoops you have to jump through to make any amendment to the shoreline/river bed by building such launches.

See the Michigan Inland Lakes and Streams Act.,4561,7-135-3313_3681_28734---,00.html

You may be required to file a site plan and obtain permits from local zoning, DNR, and Michigan DEQ.

Just Curious

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I'm really old & really old school and spent the first 25 years of my paddling career just putting the boat in the water. Then, in the late 1980's "canoe launches" began to appear.

I have yet to find one that is any easier or more convenient than simply putting my boat it in the water.

What advantages do you hope to obtain with your "canoe launch?"

As for the ADA, here you go!

Something that got my attention quickly…

You said the water level on the body of water where the ramp would be built may rise as much as 2 to 3 feet, if/when you get a decent rain.

Unless you build some sort of retaining wall to control gravel loss; you’ll be doing maintenance on your ramp after every good rain. Gravel will be swept off the ramp, and into the river.


gravel loss AND mud contamination
Mud from times of high water level will then coat launch when water levels drop