Gravity Belt??

Does anyone have any idea what the,

“insert gravity belt here” is,on the inside of my extrasport vest?

My first thought was a waited belt of some sort to keep the vest from riding up while in the water,hmm. Why add wait to flotation?

Thank Danny,

Grav Belt
I called Extrasport, because I too wondered. The Gravity belt was an idea that did not work out. You can not get one, they will not talk about it. Materials were ordered for a production run of PFDs. when they re-order, the new ones will not have that lable.

Anti-gravity belt
I wear a belt made from an old Extrasport PFD which had a bottom segmented section for white water kayak pfd’s. I cut the bottom off, attached a buckle, and wear it during the hot summer months for positive floatation. When weather is cold, it gets retired for the winter. At times when storms pick up, I’ll throw on the real PFD and have added floatation. I suspect their gravity belt was like this, but didn’t pass USCG or legal muster.

Thanks guys!

Gravity = Crotch ?

when I looked at it, I thought it must be a anti-submarine crotch strap akin to what is found in race car safety harnesses.