gray snapper roed up

got into the gray snappers today(mangroves) offshore most were 5-8lbs apiece, had a monster that was 11 lbs. on the next dark moon phase they will spawn at night.look for a west current and phospheresance in the water for optimum conditions. when the moon rises ,go home ,cause the bite will stop.used 20lb florocarbon leaderss with 50lb line. at night you can use straight 50,no leader…go get some

where and how far?
Where were you fishing and how far out did you paddle Lees?

sorry if I mislead anyone, but
I took my powerboat, outer edge of the reef down here in the keys but it should be happening on all south fla drop offs . the grays are still migrating and will continue to do so for the next 2 months. passes and channels that lead from the gulf to the atlantic and nearby patches are holding grays well right now .shallow water 10-15 ft are loaded pin fish flatlined work very well for the big boys, remember dusk to dark is when they really get going, once the moon rises they stop feeding