GRB Monarch info.?

Has anybody paddled one? How’s the workmanship and performance? How does it compare to the Traveler 3 or SR Susquehana? Thanks for any help.

I own the …
GRB Classic Xl, so I can’t comment on the paddling characteristics of the Monarch. I can comment on the workmanship of GRB. The fit and finish on my Classic XL is fantastic. I haven’t found any flaws in the hull, inwales or any other part of the boat. It is truly a work of art, and a great paddling boat.

darkstar on this board. He raced one in the 90 miler.

I think he loves it…

bold statement i know but…
it is by far the best c2I have ever paddled. Its a dream to carve turns but equally at home in big water. we finished 3rd in the mens under 40 stock class 90 miler this past year with it and the 1st place stock was also a monarch. As well as 2 of the top 3 finishers in the mixed stock. so its fast…i also have the Classic XL by GRB and feel that is the best c1 I have ever paddled so have nothing bad to say about GRB. The Monarch is a deep boat with a flatter bottom then Traveller or susq. Where do you live?

here is another nod to the Newmans as boat designers-i had a chance to check out the newest prototype by Wenonah this past september. The boat-A Monarch