GRB Monarch ?

Any one have thoughts/reviews on the GRB Monarch? With the shallow depth 16.5/12/16 will it still have enough freeboard to use as a week long tripping canoe? How does that diamond shape flat bottom work? I have a MNII for comparison.

I don’t see a diamond flat bottom
I see a diamond shaped foam panel Usually there are several layers of fiber laid then the foam in oven cured to a shape to fit in the bottom.

I sense you only know the canoe from a picture

The bow station is pinched for sure and long legged folks won’t be happy

Its got the size for three week excursions. You don’t mention what you typically bring for a trip. If it does not include beach chairs and water jugs and cases of beer and a BBQ you are all set.

For a boat of that volume the freeboard is fine but you may find it a wet ride in waves

GRB has thought of that in their description.

Picture of Bottom

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Here is a picture!

cant figure anything out about the
bottom. Those aren’t chines.

Seem to be reflections.

I pack …
I pack a little light, no lawn chairs , longest trip, maybe a week

That really does not look like a Monarch. The Monarch does not have an outside wood gunwale. Unless it is really old it looks nothing like the current production models. You would need the bow deck option with the Monarch for bigger water.

low shear line for less wind drag
The Monarch was built to be faster in races than either the 18’Jensen or the Minnesota II. 16.5’ in the bow lessens the wind effects and makes it a little easier for the bow paddler to switch sides. It has been successful in the USCA stock class. GRB is such a low volume builder that things change and custom work is easier. The original customer for this canoe may have been worried about strength or getting wet. And may have ordered outwales, not worrying about a few pounds of weight.

a 16’5’ bow would not be my choice if a MNII was available. or even an 18’ Sundowner.