Grease pencil/china marker substitutes

I get the impression these things are going the way of wooden clothespins.

So I bought Crayola washable crayons instead. Running water over a marked-up laminated chart left it intact; wiping with fingers under the same washed the marks off. I sure hope it’ll hold out in the real world.

What do others use if you can’t find a grease pencil? Young people probably don’t even know what a grease pencil is.

umm…don’t say 'china’
Jackl has asked us to ban china markers.
Has plenty

You can even get some for your paddling buddies.

china marker
Office Depot, Office Max and Staples all have these and they are relatively cheap.

Don’t understand the problem finding them.

Bill H.

no problem
if you are using a laminated chart anyway…

Try a dry-erase marker.

no problem
if you are using a laminated chart anyway…

Try a dry-erase marker.

dry erase?
The ones I’ve used don’t write at all if the surface is even barely damp.

I just use a pencil on waterproof charts.

I tried a grease pencil but the paper wrapping disintigrated in my PFD pocket after getting wet a few times. Pencils are much simpler and more durable. Also more precise.

Mechanical China Markers
Try these:

They are made by Listo and are mechanical China Markers. One can live in my pfd and remain in working condition until I lose it:) I did try tying them to a line but that’s just one too many lines. Keep an extra in your day hatch- just duct tape it to the underside of the deck and you will always be able to get to it.

They are cheap enough - $13 for a dozen… You can give one to all your paddling buddies for a holiday present.


What do people use to erase
grease pencil markings?

Paper towel and elbow grease
Works for me.

didn’t work so well for me
left a black smudge on my boat

Those haven’t changed
a bit. I remember trips to my Grandma’s house as a kid. She had rolls of butcher paper from when Grandpa had the butcher shop. Also the Listo markers. My brother and I spent a lot of time coloring in black and red on long rolls of paper. We didn’t mind not having a rainbow of color - what the heck? TV was black and white. She kept us nourished on Nehi orange pop and home baked goodies, but not too much before dinner. I still have a Listo in my tool shed.

Maybe try Goo Gone?

A little rubbing alcohol will take it right off. You can even use the little alcohol prep pads from a drug store.


Goo Gone or XC ski wax remover will
work just fine. I’ve used both.

I kinda like those spirals of beige paper peeled off the old-school grease pencils.

Problem finding them is due to being someplace unfamiliar and so far not having seen a stationary store or hardware store around. I’m sure there IS one within an hour’s drive.