Great bit of advice...

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When you've been a bit gassy on a paddle for the last couple of hours while wearing a spray skirt.....hold your breath for a few moments when you break that seal......learned that one the hard way and just wanted to pass it along ;)

We’ll be sure to stay upwind of you.

Before doing that, be sure to extinguish any sparks or open flame!

2) Move DOWNWIND of your fellow paddlers.

3) Don’t paddle with people who offer you beanie-weenies.

No, please don’t “pass it along” !


I think you’re full of $#IT

Put a bio-hazard symbol on your skirt.
Think of the poor SOB that might have to rescue you someday!

Another good reason to paddle a canoe with your dog. They’re always willing to accept the blame.

Learned about that at the Cartecay River “Chili Run” which used to be held every January 1 on the Cartecay in northern Georgia.

Everybody cooked and ate chili, and ran the river. It was especially important to avoid those decked boaters whose skirts appeared to be billowing up out of the hull when taking out.

And if you had one of those drysuits that had the U-shaped zipper on the back, forget about finding anyone to unzip it for you. You had to drive home with it on.

One daguerreotype says it all…


Too much information!

With a funnel and some tubing
you could use the skeg outlet and gain a few more Knots/HR .

That’s right, blame the canoe!
There is more than a subtle distinction between foul bilge water and chili farts - just ask the dog.

Laugh In
Makes me think of Henry Gibson