great combo-hood and body pod

Went out this morning. Air 47 and rainy, water 58.45 slight wind.

Had the 3 mm Henderson Hood with bib and visor with the Stohlquist body pod neoprene neck gasket. I was able to tuck the bib part of the hood under the neo gasket just fine and it seemed to seal perfectly. I rolled at least 10 times (I think it was 12), including reverse sweeps and chest sculls where I do a lot of twisting and arching and did a lot of sculling with nose and eyes barely out of the water.

Not a drop. pretty amazing. so far seems like a perfect combination.

Additionally, no water coming in at the sides of the hood either. this hood comes with the cord around the face like a tuiliq and you can tighten it up perfectly.

I’m sold!


it is nice to contemplate paddling somewhere that the water is about the same temp in December that it is at its warmest in July in Maine.

Anyway, while on Henderson gear stuff, I’ll be rude and add in my two cents about the next step hood(s) they have for winter in the NE. Winter arrives this week so everything will be in the 30’s pretty quick.

I have two Henderson hoods that, for someone with a bit less of a chicken neck than me, would probably mate well with a drysuit gasket. Both are 7 mill and have a neoprene insert for the innermost circle of the hood that can be cut to customize the face opening, as well as an ability to trim back the neck. One is their hydroglide material, quite warm but still stretchy, with a loose rim of material around the bottom that doesn’t close around the neck. The other has a gold bond type lining, less stretchy but warmer, with a straight neck below that could close decently well around a normal diameter neck to protect that. Henderson calls this design a dry hood.

I wore the hydroglide one for a full paddle last weekend, up, and out the goggles on to roll at the end a bit. It was very quite comfortable, even noticed that no water got into my ears. Only problem is that, at 7 mill’s.

I am sure that there are other manufacturers out there, and Sing has mentioned some that specialize in surf wear, But for the purpose of a northeast winter, these hoods seem pretty good.

I will say
that the hood was a bit much for the temperatures but only slightly hot really. The part I was impressed with was the way it mated well with the neoprene gasket and didn’t let any water in as well as the tightening of the face that also allowed no water.